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Bumble Bumble and my neck!

Lol...my sweet friend Carey sent screenshots of his dating profile.  His pictures are from 3-5 years ago, and he forgot to mention he’s a pathological liar, caused brain injury and destroyed my vestibular nerve when he assaulted me, a control freak, likes "*&^%$" porn, pays strippers in vegas 2000 for "just" a "lap dance" and… Continue reading Bumble Bumble and my neck!

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First Date Dinner, Second Date Theater…Supplier or suppliers, he’s DANGEROUS! Please read.

I’m not a jilted lover.  I did nothing to provoke him attacking me, but I bet his story to you as it was to the judge, until I produced his voice on recording admitting he really threw me is that he was just trying to restrain me - He’s caused permanent damage you know, did… Continue reading First Date Dinner, Second Date Theater…Supplier or suppliers, he’s DANGEROUS! Please read.

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It was my neck.

  The biggest mistake I made that night was to not have the police arrest him.   I am still afraid of him and can't wait until I move away from here.  Yesterday, during our brief conversation he proved he was the same guy from the night he assaulted me.  He was only concerned about… Continue reading It was my neck.

Abuser, Gaslighting, Love Bombing, My Story

My Birthday After The Assault

My birthday is coming up on the 12th and so is his court hearing to have the charges he pled guilty or no contest to deferred.  Last year, in order to soften me up and try and get me to drop the charges,  he took me out to dinner, but paid cash because he didn't… Continue reading My Birthday After The Assault

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a covert’s way of handling a wedgie :)

I feel silly posting this but I have come to realize those of us who have experienced a relationship with monsters tell the stories to validate what really happened vs what they wanted us to think happened.  For me, where I am at today, re reading the emails and going over what happened is helping… Continue reading a covert’s way of handling a wedgie 🙂


Dangerous Violent Criminal is who you are…

Like a well trained dog I told him it was good to hear his voice. When in fact hearing his voice reminded me of the coward that he is. It makes me sick to think that even now I act impulsively and say things not to upset him. He trained me early on that he… Continue reading Dangerous Violent Criminal is who you are…


Exposing The Abuse

He told me his ex wife was decent because she didn't bring up his assault when she wanted to modify custody.  He told me he couldn't trust me because I called the police.  He told me he was sorry and showered me with gifts for two weeks before his trial, during the time he wasn't… Continue reading Exposing The Abuse

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Funny little lies

It's hard to explain the mechanism of Narcissistic Abuse to those who haven't experienced it because the conditioning to drive you crazy starts early.  For example, in my situation the first time he gas lighted me was after I caught him in a lie.  Of course he apologized immediately because that's what they do, but… Continue reading Funny little lies