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First Date Dinner, Second Date Theater…Supplier or suppliers, he’s DANGEROUS! Please read.

I’m not a jilted lover.  I did nothing to provoke him attacking me, but I bet his story is he tried to restrain me - He’s caused permanent damage - ask yourself how that happens if he was really restraining me - he's lying.  He's a pathological liar and he will destroy you without you… Continue reading First Date Dinner, Second Date Theater…Supplier or suppliers, he’s DANGEROUS! Please read.

My Story

#AndsoIstayed – “Not everyone gets to see poetic justice served for their abuser. Not everyone gets out alive.”

Society’s  attitude towards domestic and emotional abuse is abhorrent because it assumes the victims had a choice or that we must have done something to have provoked it.  Read what Vince’s family and friends say to me and how cruel, horrible and despicable they are.  It’s not a stretch to say they feel gratification from kicking… Continue reading #AndsoIstayed – “Not everyone gets to see poetic justice served for their abuser. Not everyone gets out alive.”


“Why I Stayed.”

Jennifer Willoughby is the ex-wife of former White House aide Rob Porter has come forward with allegations of domestic abuse.  She is brave and I'm grateful to her for bringing this very uncomfortable topic to the surface.  Laws must change and these men should be punished. via Jennifer Willoughby  APRIL 24, 2017 WHY I STAYED. The… Continue reading “Why I Stayed.”

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Why Vince?

  I began this post when I wasn't feeling that great.  Wondering for the millionth time WHY?  there's no answer.  I know that...I ask because I can never imagine being so cruel.  I am far from perfect but I can not wrap my head around what he did to me - I wiped this man's… Continue reading Why Vince?

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My Birthday After The Assault

My birthday is coming up on the 12th and so is his court hearing to have the charges he pled guilty or no contest to deferred.  Last year, in order to soften me up and try and get me to drop the charges,  he took me out to dinner, but paid cash because he didn't… Continue reading My Birthday After The Assault

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His Christmas letter…

I am making his “books” that he wrote to me every Christmas public because they are meaningless and because he has gone on living life without any remorse or afterthought after violently attacking me with such force that it caused a severe concussion, which I am still dealing with.  If that wasn’t enough my head… Continue reading His Christmas letter…

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F*&% YOU Vince

I wanted to call you today. No, not because I miss you or because "I love you," which I don't since you're not real, but to ask  how you can live with yourself...I don't get it...yeah, I had some disappointing medical news today, thanks to you throwing me against the wall, and yes, I am… Continue reading F*&% YOU Vince

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Must Read!

i have been feeling down for the last couple of days thinking about him and the "good times"  I realized that my self doubt and heartache and anxiety floods my being when I think of the "good times" because that's the state I was constantly trying to go back to.  He was great in bed,… Continue reading Must Read!

Understanding Narcissistic Abuse

Sins of the mother

It was always odd to have to look at their faces with their signature fake smiles, going out of their way to announce what a "happy and normal family" they were.  Not sure who they were trying to convince besides themselves - The ultimate shit show that I'm embarrassed to say I wanted to be… Continue reading Sins of the mother

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His favorite phrase – “I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU WANT…”

Via After Narcissistic Abuse  You can’t engage in reality with a Narcissist because they lack a conscience, morals, empathy, and emotions – so do not expect to be heard, yet alone find common ground or any sort of closure. Don’t try to fight a war that you can’t win because a Narcissist lacks any and… Continue reading His favorite phrase – “I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU WANT…”