Dear Vince…

Letter resonates...only difference is I'm still picking up the pieces...   Tyler Nix There has never been a single moment in which I wished I never met you. Even I find that hard to believe, but it’s the truth. Before you, I had nothing to hold up to the light and point to and say,… Continue reading Dear Vince…


Dangerous Violent Criminal is who you are…

Like a well trained dog I told him it was good to hear his voice. When in fact hearing his voice reminded me of the coward that he is. It makes me sick to think that even now I act impulsively and say things not to upset him. He trained me early on that he… Continue reading Dangerous Violent Criminal is who you are…

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I’m laughing but it’s not funny..

He writes this, gives me jewelry and tells me he loves me so much he's risking going to jail for me.  Goes home and lies to everyone including his "therapist" and makes it seem like he's the victim who was being chased.  It's disturbing, isn't it? When I learn more details and am able to… Continue reading I’m laughing but it’s not funny..


Lies and more lies…

  Narcissist’ s controlling and manipulation techniques Gaslighting is a subtle, underground maltreatment, that can go unnoticed by the victim until it is too late. It penetrates you but it’s difficult to identify. Gaslighting is ambiguous, diffused, it is a dangerous kind of abuse. It leave no trace and you can’t prove it. Ambient abuse is… Continue reading Lies and more lies…


I hope someday I can feel sorry for him or not feel anything.  The man lost it because he couldn't keep the lies going considering he lives in the past caring more about not upsetting his ex or mother who tried over and over and over again to cause problems, which would have been okay but he… Continue reading

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I had an eye opening appointment last week trying to understand what makes the abuser I was with tic.  He didn't fit the profile of a typical narcissist or someone with conflict avoidance since he had both traits.  I am not a psychologist nor was the abuser ever examined but what I described of my… Continue reading WOW!


What is ‘Victim Shaming’?

When women began stepping forward late last year accusing comedian and actor Bill Cosby of various incidents of sexual assault in the ‘70s, the public’s opinion was swift and clear: These women were eager f... Source: What is 'Victim Shaming'?