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It’s Four In The Morning and I want him to get real help…sigh

Raindrops and birds chirping remind me of mornings we woke together with his nude body wrapped around mine.  I loved sleeping next to him and being held all through the night, until morning light.  I remember how he pulled me back close to him if I changed positions.  On nights like these when my mind… Continue reading It’s Four In The Morning and I want him to get real help…sigh

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I love Kristen's blog.  She writes with such clarity explaining with such detail every excruciating aspect of having been in a relationship with with a narcissist and what Narcissistic Abuse does to a person.    When I read her work  it's as if she has reached into the deepest part of my soul where the… Continue reading HE RAPED MY SOUL!


“I really need some separation from Vince”

Wanting separation from Vince was the last thing she wanted.  I was reminded of how right my gut was about what my future would look like after I read an email I sent myself days after meeting his ex-wife.  It wasn't just he who gutted me, her actions over the past 5.5 years made me… Continue reading “I really need some separation from Vince”

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Murder: Death By Covert Abuse

If you stay long enough they will murder you and defecate on your grave.  They are ruthless.   Murder: Death By Covert Abuse Updated on February 8, 2017 Sparkster Publishing  Marc Hubs is a writer/researcher on mind, science, and conspiracy. He is the author of "Know Your Enemy: Reflections of NPD." Pernicious Abuse It goes… Continue reading Murder: Death By Covert Abuse

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He almost killed me

I am "lucky to be walking and talking" are words I am still wrapping my head around.  That's what I was told.  Vince almost killed me.  That's what he did to me.  And now he is dating - he's found himself a new or perhaps multiple suppliers.  Bastard doesn't have the decency to just disappear… Continue reading He almost killed me