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Emails from Vince’s family calling me a “Dolt” –

Emails are from Mark, Vince's brother in law who is apparently buying Vince's lies.  This is a great example of the narcissist smearing their victim's reputation, and everybody buying it.  I wasn't nice in my response to Mark and stooped low and hit below the belt.  Am I sorry.  At first I wasn't because I've… Continue reading Emails from Vince’s family calling me a “Dolt” –

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He almost killed me

I am "lucky to be walking and talking" are words I am still wrapping my head around.  That's what I was told.  Vince almost killed me.  That's what he did to me.  And now he is dating - he's found himself a new or perhaps multiple suppliers.  Bastard doesn't have the decency to just disappear… Continue reading He almost killed me

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Sometimes I have to be…

Silly and childish and do something that makes me and only me laugh.. this photo was a joke.  I was with a friend and we tried on wedding dresses.  Girl thing.  No meaning behind it.  Nothing.  She posts it and I hear through the grapevine from his mother is throwing a fit over my having… Continue reading Sometimes I have to be…