He raped my soul, physically maimed and emotionally gutted me, and had the audacity to say “kill yourself” so to put him out of his misery.

This is him and how he was when no one was watching.  This evil monster was driving me to the brinks of suicide going as far as telling me to kill myself.  If I sit with the sadness I have to face that I was conned.  I have to face that in a way I... Continue Reading →

Dear Vince, "You show me how to LOVE"  No, I did not show you how to love. Your dear mother wins the award for that one so please give credit where credit is due because I certainly don't want any credit for how you love.  Your kind of loving is toxic and abusive and leaves... Continue Reading →

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I love Kristen's blog.  She writes with such clarity explaining with such detail every excruciating aspect of having been in a relationship with with a narcissist and what Narcissistic Abuse does to a person.    When I read her work  it's as if she has reached into the deepest part of my soul where the... Continue Reading →

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