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He almost killed me

I am "lucky to be walking and talking" are words I am still wrapping my head around.  That's what I was told.  Vince almost killed me.  That's what he did to me.  And now he is dating - he's found himself a new or perhaps multiple suppliers.  Bastard doesn't have the decency to just disappear… Continue reading He almost killed me

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Bumble and my neck!

Lol...my sweet friend Carey sent screenshots of his dating profile.  His pictures are from 3-5 years ago, and he forgot to mention he’s a pathological liar, caused brain injury and destroyed my vestibular nerve when he assaulted me, a control freak, likes "*&^%$" porn, pays strippers in vegas 2000 for "just" a "lap dance" and… Continue reading Bumble and my neck!

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Ex-wife and Thanksgiving 2015 – 4 years into it…

Gist of it is the ex wife was never happy with Vince having a life.  I met her once and was immediately concerned.  I was cordial until I dared to reach out to her directly after we had met to mention her younger son telling me his mom didn't want to hear about me and… Continue reading Ex-wife and Thanksgiving 2015 – 4 years into it…