Full Circle.

Why am I so defensive? Because I don’t want to be anyone’s scapegoat.  Therefore, I view his enablers shifting the blame onto me for the horrific violence he unleashed upon me as justification for the choices they have to support him while defaming as insult to the injuries I sustained, and the devastation my children feel, and I plan to call them out on it because it’s time to stop enabling the abusers of this world and shaming the victim.
I want enablers to understand the trauma my kids live with having dealt with what my abuser did to me.  His actions have hurt me and my family and all I want is for all of those who are up his lactose sensitive ass to own it,  and say, yes, we accept abuser threw Vesta so violently that she now has brain damage and is considered disabled.  We know because of the injuries she can’t drive, can’t bike. put dishes away and gets overwhelmed with having to go to the grocery store.  I want them especially the new source of supply to read his ex wife’s email accusing him of omissions, and the girlfriend before that who stopped seeing him after years because he was a disconnected, emotionally devoid human being.  I want his fan club to acknowledge that despite the violence he unleashed upon me, and the fact that everything points to him being dishonest, we are still supporting him.
I just want honesty and I don’t want any of his fan club to put it on me.  That’s not okay.  I am a victim of domestic violence and narcissistic abuse, and I refuse to let those who choose ignorance because they can’t live with the discomfort of being alone, belittle the devastation I have to live with, today, tomorrow and forever.  It’s that simple.  They need to own who they are supporting and who the supply source will be going to court for.  I am excited to hear what she has to say when we depose her because it’s going to differ from everything we have on record, court transcripts and the various people he has been gossiping to.  He’s an evil man and those who are behind him need to own it on its own, and not blame me for him having maimed me.  That’s not okay or acceptable and I will not allow the likes of the supplier or her friends to disrespect the tragedy that has become my life.  His enablers and suppliers are simply not allowed to justify their choice by blaming the victim.  It’s that simple.  The new supplier and her friends need to own who they are supporting as is, without bringing me into it.
They are defaming me as we speak and I am not okay with it and I will take legal action to teach those the lesson that needs to be learned. Trivializing the severity of the damages I endured to my being a jilted lover of the 20 second man who is now taking Viagra to last longer, is an not acceptable.   These people need to own it – Own that he has devastated my life, and my children’s life, and that they are okay with it.  That’s all. They need to own it.
30D8E948-FE4B-4AD8-992A-1A74436FC5CBWe are interchangeable parts. Vaginas and supply sources and some day he will talk to his new supplier just like this just as his old supplier before me was unstable:
I’ve got more if any other supplier or enabler needs to hear more. In all honesty, my heart goes out to the new supplier.  She’s a 53 year old woman who recently ended a 12 year marriage that she described as a waste of time.  Three months later and she’s in the arms of a man, far more abusive and dangerous than her ex husband.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_0_dCaTf3Q  He is going to be sending her videos just like this.  Interchangeable parts.  Vaginas and supply sources is all we are.

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