Circumstantial? A Vagina. A source of supply, don’t kid yourself…

New supply source, me, before me and after you…Vagina & Supply Source…it’s all we are. 

His new supplier should examine her own words and be honest with herself as to why she is chalking him having damaged my brain to circumstances.  Was it circumstances that led her ex husband to “omit” – Please.  New source of supply needs to own up who she’s enabling. A man who threw another woman so hard against a wall that he caused her enough brain damage that she is considered disabled. Period. She needs to own being with a monster who is no different than the man she described to have been married to. She needs to own that it the monster she is with now, caused another woman to be disabled, and she needs to be okay with that versus put it on me.  She needs to educate herself about narcissistic abuse and the cycle of abuse and own her actions.

She is not an advocate for women, or a woman who claims to be disgusted by our current president or the attacks on Dr. Ford when she behaves no differently than those she accuses of victim shaming and blaming.  She is part of the problem – she needs to own it or stop enabling, but I reject being used as an scapegoat for her to justify her choices because she is weak and can not live in discomfort of waiting for a healthy relationship.  I am sure she can find another cyclist that enjoy the benefits of Viagra.  Yes, that was a jab.  That said, I am loving their lawyer because she’s great.  Really…she is a great help to me.  Love her.


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