Grateful for Jeff. Wells Fargo

I posted Jeff’s message with his permission.

I discovered this last week.  It was written by a friend and colleague’s of Vince who had known him for the last 15 years.  This means so much to me and has brought much healing.  I sent this to Jessica when I got it and now whoever else has seen it so they don’t have to take my word for who he is, if they’re smart they would take Jeff’s.  The lying pig has turned even the abuse to make himself look like the victim by telling people he was trying to break up with me.  He just doesn’t get it.

It has warmed my heart and given me motivation to keep talking.  Maybe not about threesomes, but rather the narcissistic abuse I endured.  I am happy that someone finally looked at Vince’s actions instead of buying the lies.

Sep 28, 2018, 12:27 AM (12 days ago)


Comment: I had no idea what was going on with Vince trying to get back into your life. I’m sorry. You are right about enabling him. He’s not been part of my life for years but you know the thought of him doing that makes me sick. I’m very sorry. It was either extremely selfish or downright evil. I did have dinner with him last winter when he was in Texas and he didn’t mention anything like that. Ive not been in contact with him since but I’m going to let him know that he isn’t welcome. Honestly this has made me look inward too. If I had a do over, I wouldn’t have believed him. For whatever reason I’ve never had many friends and while Vince was a one-time mentor and at that time, a part-time twice a year friend, I guess was being loyal and didn’t want to believe. But I’ve learned that I never really knew him, had never met his family. I was not qualified to give any advice to either of you. You wrote that I should shove that advice and you are right. You wrote that you deserve an apology for that and you are right. Please accept my apology. I am truly sorry.




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