Year 2, 2013-2014, manipulative love bombing letter. Second time I wiped his ass.

I read his words and wonder how could someone be so loving and caring but then turn around and take your heart out of your chest and stomp on it without a care.  I wonder how can this person write with so much passion and love but enjoy cutting you to pieces by the words he says when no one is looking or when he has to put on a show for his ex wife.  Or maybe the show was for me.  In court he got off pretending our relationship ended December 21, 2016.  I guess in a sense he conveyed he ended our relationship by causing brain trauma. What a guy.  His texts after what he did speak for themselves and the lies he’s told will unravel.

Am I sensitive to this?  Yes.  I’m not going to lie.  He took my ability to live a normal life and for him to enjoy pouring salt over an open wound will get him the same kindness except I don’t have to lie to expose his dirty secrets.  He tells people one thing but turns around and tells me this.  He never treated me like his words.  Never.  One of the reasons I posted our pictures is because I have a major chip in my heart for all the times he made me feel as an outsider.  I loved this man like I had loved no other but I know now the feeling was a sick addiction he created that I got hooked on.  He treated me as if I was the other woman when I wasn’t, and it broke me. It hurts…it hurts to think about having been treated as though my life never ever mattered.  It not easy to face…



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