Year 3, 2014-2015, manipulative love bombing letter. The only year I did not wipe his ass.

I post because he’s made it clear it was meaningless.  I mean, he has gone out of his way to show how worthless my life is so…so…so…

Love all the firsts…”sex in my parents house” where my mommy tried to keep us from sleeping both times we visited. Yes, the one thing that we did well was sex! Sex was fun in his parents house and he loved having doing it in the room designated for him and the ex.  We had a blast in that room – I wonder though if it was a coordinated effort between mommy dearest and Christine given her actions the entire time we were together to always insert herself. ..Oh the drama.  Oh the sex in his parents house….glad he liked it so much to mention it. 9C25E91E-361E-45C1-9721-A3CAC05482D856B76A0A-BBAA-4543-8E97-66A0B2E440E0C5D43368-7E4C-4FAC-9461-988600033F25CF7A798A-7BEA-4C22-9606-0A63D1D961759EFFF54B-80AD-4ED1-8AE7-A297AD3D67524D67708A-D8C4-4790-9C00-405B0533B27785178D3E-B8FB-4265-9B4C-78D29FFC7812128A8AE7-4EB9-4741-AD13-8FC160576A4229BF1C75-CA00-4623-8F17-EF15045973E1

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