Year 4, 2015-2016, manipulative love bombing letter. Third time I wiped his ass.

How many ex wives ask their ex “who broke up with who” then proceed to send them an email while he’s on vacation with his girlfriend questioning how he could still be with her and then claim she doesn’t have feelings for him.

This was my life with them.  That’s his mom in the red shirt.  During this trip in 2014 she told me she had to put our picture away because Christine, ex wife, was going to get upset.  She then got upset and threw a fit, screaming in front of the kids when she was reminded of what she had said the prior year about my being the girlfriend and not the wife like Christine was.  She made plans with Christine despite Vince and I having plans with the kids for the holidays.  They did everything to undermine him and us. It was non-stop.  On the other hand who knows what he was telling him.  I’m posting what he was telling me because he told people what they needed to hear.  It’s meaningless anyway – I have never been with anyone so passive and so spineless when it came to his mother and ex wife yet at the same time so aggressive with me.  I lost all respect for him because he was unable to set a good example for his sons.  They are the ones who lose here…in reality he lies to everyone.



2015 was a hard year because I couldn’t take the lies anymore.  I couldn’t take the gaslighting when it was happening but I didn’t know what it was or how to explain it.  He would make me feel horrible and lie about small things.  Things went south after I invited his ex wife for thanksgiving because I wanted to make peace.  In response she threatened to “called me out” from there it became a nightmare.  Like the bully that she is, making sure I knew she was still the “WIFE” she mocked the conversation saying she could not wait to tell the family.  I beat her to it by openly talking about it, and sharing what happened.  She didn’t handle that well because it’s okay for her to mock and threaten, but it’s not okay for anyone to stand up to her.  Everyone allows her to bully them because she is use to getting her way.  That’s what Vince and his family told me about her – she also uses the kids and they are afraid of her keeping them from them. I believe based on her action she still wants him back and never got over him not trying harder to “fix” it.  The two of them are perfect for one another and I do hope they reunite.  He feels most comfortable with her because she is so much like his mother. I don’t know if she will ever get over it –  She has a boyfriend but prefers to spend holidays with his family and involves herself in all of the planning when they come out to visit. It’s insane.  In September 2013, while in Santa Barbara for a wedding, Vince described her to a good friend, Clair, as a person who treated people as though they were possessions versus individuals – She’s unhealthy and according to him unstable. Not my problem anymore…Again, I’m sharing because she is part of the gang who bullied and hurt me and then poured salt over my open wounds.  She showed by her response when I  invited her, sharing my ex had  cancer  and that I was worried about my kids.  That’s Christine – unable to have empathy for anyone but herself. She is a bitter woman unable to let go of anything and constantly needs to know she is front and center.


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