Blood sucking parasite, masquarting as a human being, house of cards begins to tumble as truth begins to prevail.

I published this on 10/31 at 3:01 in the afternoon.  I guessed as to what my abuser was doing, and I was right on.  I don’t need to “stalk” him to know what he’s doing because he’s a creature of habit.  His desire for me to “stalk” him comes from his need to be a victim. I know what he’s doing because he did the same thing after he separated from his wife. He cycled like a mad man, lost 90 pounds and looked for a new supplier, and that’s where I came in.  He is methodical in how he operates.  He purposely became friends with the most “popular” and active woman in the cycling world in this area, gained credibility because she bought into his victim act and through her penetrated his new supplier, Jessica.  He changed his riding habits to include rides she was on, and made a point to socialize with the group until the night the two were alone.  This is according to her.  She assumed all of this was accidental when it wasn’t.  He’s simply not worth my caring what he does.  That said, I gain confidence when I guess right.  It makes me feel good to know my gut is right on, plus he’s a textbook case.


Truth always comes out and people eventually will begin to see him for who he is.  This person knows her better than him so she will eventually have to face what she is ignoring. That’s two people in three weeks.  Feels good to know not everyone buys his facade.  


Today so far I have spend about 80.00 on Uber taking me to physical therapy where my therapist worked me so hard that, 3 hours later, I am still nauseated. It’s halloween and I want to be out, running, or riding my bike with my kids except I am in bed, trying not to throw up.  What is the man responsible for this, aka my abuser doing?  Well, if I had to guess, he may have cut out on work all together to go biking and climbing a hill with his new “friends” – He may be planning his night ride with his possible new fuck or his new fuck, who has bought his lies, even though she has ample proof that demonstrate the monster that he is.  Am I jealous? not a bit.  I get worked up when the physical injuries impact my day worse than usual.

45068350_10216903337917628_8318703245434290176_nSurprisingly though, there is something comforting knowing he is able to sell himself even with supporting data to this poor woman.  For some reason I don’t feel as stupid as I have felt for having fallen for the lies over and over and over again.  Hope that makes sense.  It feels good to smile knowing there is someone out there more desperate and gullible because any person who chalks up his behavior that caused brain injury, destroyed my inner ear, gave me PTSD,  and has pictures of his hand print on my neck, as “circumstantial” has serious self confidence issues.

No, I’m not trying to be a mean. but those are the hard cold facts and I think it needs to be exposed in order for us as a society to stop enabling abusers and shaming the abused. He has disabled me and despite it this poor woman bought his lies, and that’s how I came to realize that is exactly how he kept me his prisoner.

I’m going to stop because it’s days like this that I need to regulate my emotions and try and dissociate the nausea, fatigue and what I’m missing in my life with him.  My physical therapist told me to spend one minute being angry and then move on. So here is my one minute! Vincent Beggs, Wells Fargo VP, is a disconnected sadist who maimed me and never showed or felt remorse.  If he did, it was only because he is upset over the legal bills he is drowning in.  He lied to me, he lied to the police, he lied to his family and friends, he lied to his lawyer, he lied to Jessica, Joyce, Wells Fargo, Jeff, Tim…and on and on and on. He is nothing but a “blood sucking parasite masquarting as a human being.”   My one minute is over 🙂

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