Every secret has a lie…

01b8a6fbdf45d4354f41354a7190fe110beceaf349It was real for me. This is what we looked like – So while he goes on to downplay “us” – I am going to publish his cards, letters and every picture he and I took to show he was doing anything but downplay us to me.  He sent retirement plans to look at on February 17, 2017, the day he entered a plea deal with the Commonwealth Attorney. His texts say anything but what he’s leading people to believe.  No, I’m not a jilted lover who is looking at photos and crying.  They are meaningless to me and I look forward to the day when I can press delete and never have to look at another photo of us.  But today, I am choosing to share because this was real to me.  This man played with my heart.  He played with my life and treated me as a disposable toy.  His words were beautiful and I believed every word and took it seriously but why wouldn’t I? Why would I assume he was evil.  I was a prisoner of his letters and words and texts…I really loved this guy. Would have done anything for him. I wiped his ass when he couldn’t after injuring himself during a cycling accident. No, i’m not a jilted lover. He can say that all he wants because I no longer care – I’m going to let his words set the record straight.  His ex wife can try to pretend to believe him so can his colleagues and so can his lawyers and so can his cycling buddies but in the end, his words and his actions will tell the story.  I refuse to be a victim and shamed.  They can make me out to be a jilted lover and accuse me of lying about the injuries he caused the night he attacked me.  They can say I’m obsessed with him which I can barely write without laughing – This man I loved threw me against a wall so hard my right ear no longer functions like it use to.  Shame on society and his lawyers and everyone in between that wants to belittle my injuries and make me out to be a jilted lover.  Go for it. I can understand why you are afraid….lost track of all the lies and now every lie is transcribed so there can’t be any misunderstandings….

Feels good there are others voicing their discontent over Alexandria PD.  I suggested we band together, protest while another person suggested we contact a local tv station since their internal affairs doesn’t lift a finger to investigate any complaint –

The rain reminds me of him a lot.  We use to lay in bed listening to raindrops, make love, he would make me breakfast, then we go for a walk…long walk in the rain, a stop at a coffee shop or a bar…laugh, talk…was it real?…it’s hard to sit with nice memories because I was vulnerable…he wasn’t real…blah blah…


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