I am gloating in having just a little bit of my dignity back after my having abuser humiliating me for the last two years or I should say 7, and I owe it ALL to Jeff.   He validated everything I had a gut feeling about. He validated how Vince was not my imagination and that he really didn’t give a damn about me.  I was right about him talking crap behind my back.  Everything Vince does is a lie.  So now Jeff feels exactly as I did when the entire truth is in front of you.  Faced with having to accept that you were duped is hard.  So is acceptance, and as difficult as it may be, it is the only way through it.

Onward…I’ve talked a lot about these grateful emails he began to send when he saw I was cooling off towards him. In early/mid August I stopped wanting to see him yet the emails continued until the end of August when our account he was replenishing to pay for my medical bills began to diminish. It was then that I began to panic since he refused to let me know one way or another he was going to replenish or not so I could plan.

Anyways,  the emails came to a halt the moment the account was empty and he had to man up and tell me whether he was going to continue doing the right thing. True to his style he ignored the question and went radio silent.  He created a chase, I bit and emailed and begged for him to answer because I was scared as to how I was going to pay for everything. He didn’t mean any of it, and was trying to get me to throw him a bone since I had walked away, which I don’t think he was ever expecting to happen.  It’s obvious he still hasn’t accepted it since he’s lying to the universe, saying he was trying to break up with me on the 21st of December, the night he attacked me.  That was his high and he got off my desperation. I had become aware of the pattern which is why it was something I was working towards in my day program – it was our last string that connected us and it had to be cut.  I even asked if he could keep in touch relating finances and he refused to answer.  Radio silence until his blog showed up 2 months later…He knew how to work me.  He still does…but now I don’t take the bate.

As far as bills go…I have gone in debt paying for them, however, in disconnecting from him I realized he was using money as just another tool to control me.   He’s horrible…Just horrible so when he tells you he was trying to break up with me the night of the 21st, the night he assaulted me, know he’s lying.  The last time I saw him was August 4, which I believe was the last time we had sex.  Either that or the 3rd.  If he tells you he told me to stop contacting him, then ask him about the number of times I asked him to leave me alone and why he didn’t.  Make sure to also ask about his December 4, 2017 text and why he had my computer on his microsoft account where he was able to trace me.  And since you are on a roll has him to explain his texts, emails or that we traveled to Vegas together and or his January 1, 2017  email or others about how finances and how to retire…I mean the list is long…sit back, grab yourself a beer or a glass of wine and watch him tell lie after lie and believe me there is always going to be a really good excuse for all of it.  Personally, I’m finally having fun watching the house of cards fall.  Thank you Jeff.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!