Vince does not have an honest relationship with anyone.  Not  one of his relationships is based on integrity and honesty.  He lies and he talks crap behind everyone but he never gets caught.  No, I’m not acting in a socially accepted way by sharing his lies but then again I don’t care because he has gone out of his way to humiliate me.  He kept quiet knowing I have PTSD and was behind or part of the threatening message I received.  As he pedals away from himself he’s desperately trying to find another supplier.  It makes me feel sick.  He wants to believe it’s because I have feelings for him when all I feel is disgust.   He destroyed my ability to live and he hasn’t taken one moment to show remorse.  How can such evil exist.

This has bothered me for a long time. Max actually was trying to help me work.  Since Vince works for Wells Fargo and Max contracts with them, he told Vince he would give me a job if he gives him a contract.  Vince was livid at Max for a long time and kept his distance until he assaulted me and then he reached out to Max who was nice enough to pay for a couple of online classes and said he would give me admin work to do remotely.  Everything changed after Vince got in touch with him. Importance of this is that I’m pretty sure he was to have reported Max’s ask, but I don’t believe he did.  OOPS and now I’m talking about it.  Oh well.

Eilli worked for IBM.  I have to look for texts that show what happened with her and me during an outing with another IBM executive that Vince said he was going to report but did nothing about.  Don’t want a defamation suit so will share entire story once I find the emails.