No, you don’t destroy someone’s life. You don’t just walk away riding trails, having beers and tacos, smiling and lying.  You don’t damage someone’s brain, destroy their inner ear and take their ability to live her life to the fullest then walk away like a coward. Stop fooling yourself with the Spotify lists and blogs and BS. Take a stance, be a man your sons can be proud of.  You can fix this nightmare but you choose not to because you live in fear. You always have and always will.  You can choose to do the right thing or let the charades go on.  I’m going to fight till the end because truth always prevails so ask yourself how others will judge John Carlyle, Fayette, gchat exchange, SVP, the audios, the inconsinsisties in everything.  I don’t want to be in the same state as you.  I can’t wait until the day I can delete every single picture of us because there was never an “us.”

Stop the charade and let me live my life! I want to leave and be as far away from you and your disgusting and despicable ex wife. You’ve taken my time, my health, my sanity.  When will you be satisfied?

I was the best thing that happened to you because I loved you unconditionally.  I still love that person, but he never existed, and that’s what I have to accept.