You can’t say you didn’t know about Phil.  Look at your history and how the foundation for each of your relationships was built on deceit, including ours. You lied and answered yes when I specifically asked whether you and Christine had decided to divorce when you hadn’t. I learned about the actual timeline almost two years later that she was the one who called in March, 3 months after we began dating to end it. That was your first lie – nothing has changed  nor will it ever!

So, how do you think your current relationship, if you have one, or those you are pursuing, will feel when they learn the truth about you and how you handle hard situations.  You’re going to tell the truth about Iowa? Now that that story has shifted, you’re going to lie or omit it all together. You’re playing the same games you played with me Vince. Making yourself the victim and how grateful you will be to have “her” support as you go through legal battles with your crazy ex girlfriend, just like I helped you get through your divorce with your “unstable” wife.

You’re an open book with the same pattern of avoidance, hoping nobody finds out or puts things together, but the only problem is you can’t remember the lies you tell, and once you know you have your new supplier hooked, the stories will shift.

How did you handle my catching on to the lies?  You always turned things around to make me feel bad or try and convince me I was overreacting.

Vince, at first you were all about looking at yourself and why your relationship failed and once you had me you blamed it on Christine, and how you were so much happier and comfortable with me, which meant it was Christine that was at the root of your unhappiness. I will post the exchange later.

However, the way your relationship with her ended was because you didn’t have the balls to let her know something I can’t imagine not telling the other parent of my children. You chose to go on vacation, then waited until you were at the office, about to go into a meeting before calling her.

The person who will take my place will know you are lying about trying to restrain me.  She will know you have secrets and that a lot of what you say doesn’t add up.  Be a man.  Instead of dragging on another innocent victim into your web of lies, get help.  Talk to a real psychologist and be truthful about everything.  I know you.  Joyce is the popular kid and can vouch for you with women you may be interested in.  What do you think Joyce will feel or do when she’s dragged into this and learns the truth? What about Jessica? I know you are after her because you did what you always do when you were interested in someone and made sure I knew.  You denied having any interest in her after you made it clear there was something and then told me I was paranoid and made me feel bad for asking you about it given what you said. Constant head games Vince.  It was constant. So, I’m glad Joyce and Roger have your back but will they once they learn how you used them and how much you lied?   I know you and how you operate.  Bethany’s picture and the lousy excuse you have got downloading her photo.  You lie so much, you will never remember all the lies. I gave permission to our mutual naturopath to let her know the damages you caused so know when you’re lying, she knows exactly what you did.  You realize each time you have lied to someone about me, it equates to defamation.  Whoever you are approaching doesn’t deserve what you did to me.  She doesn’t deserve being dragged into something to make you feel good until our court battles are over and you no longer need her.  I lost my specialness after I got Christine to be more accepting and I regret it.  I regret thinking she was a human being who was struggling.  I didn’t know women like her and your mother exist and if I had to do it all over again…well, I would have left the first time you humiliated me and showed how weak of a person you are.  That would have been July 2012.  Actually, should have been May of 2012 when you couldn’t find the balls to tell Christine you no longer wanted to come to her house at 5:30 am to get the kids ready because she couldn’t deal with getting herself, and the kids ready. You used the excuse she wasn’t close anymore instead of telling her you didn’t want to..  You never had the balls to be truthful with her and draw boundaries and when she drew them, you crawled up deeper and deeper up her behind. You couldn’t deal with her or your mother being mad at you so you lied and gutted me all because you couldn’t face yourself.  I wasn’t like them and will never be like them.  I don’t know how any of you sleep.

You threw me so hard you damaged my inner ear and you know exactly what organ because I told you and showed you the test result.  You used so much force my brain has not recovered so if you think the next person won’t learn how violent you are, you are even more delusional than I thought.  If she reaches out when she thinks she’s going crazy, I’ll show her my medical records so she knows the only cause for what you did to my ear is trauma. Stop the charade and the madness and let me get on with my life.

You have a choice to do the right thing and end all of this nightmare but you won’t because it’s easier to run away and cycle to make yourself feel you are accomplished.  You are a failure as a man and you proved Christine right, you can’t handle having difficult conversations.