I am in New York with my daughter. We took the bus which was a first for me since I usually drive, but can’t anymore thanks to my abuser and the violence he unleashed on me December 2016.

I realized when I leave DC  I’m able to breath, feel alive and truly feel he’s somewhat behind me – I have come to recognize that I don’t feel physically safe with him or his ex wife in the same area because of how cruel, and willingness to do whatever it takes to save the pretense of their facade.

I want to move back to CA, but am unable to given our legal wranglings and my health. I am working hard trying to dissociate him from not being able to live my life fully buy I don’t know how and feel stuck.  Intellectually I understand the importance of acceptance, but how do I stop feeling bitter for what he has taken from me and my children, and how he continues to conduct himself.  He is a pompous pig and I look forward to the day I can burn all of his fake letters and cards and delete the thousands of pictures that we have of us – Pictures he didn’t feel comfortable sharing with his family for 3 years after we began dating because Christine hadn’t gotten over the divorce. His fear of her tells a lot about her as well – perhaps that’s why he never wanted me to initiate contact – I’m not going there…NY is great! I’m going to enjoy walking around with my daughter and continue to find things to be grateful for.

A friend’s opinion of Vince. Not the first who said they thought he was cold. He is cold and uncaring except right now that he’s trying to find new suppliers. Every person I introduced him to now says they never liked him. I didn’t either – I feel shame for having fall under his control to where I couldn’t leave. I tried on several occasions but he always made me feel as though I was making a big deal out of nothing. Lie after lie after lie…sigh