I’m out of words.  My life as I knew it has forever changed because of the injuries I sustained the night Vincent Beggs became violent and threw me against a wall in our apartment.  I have been having flashbacks and have fallen back into a deep depression.  I just want to leave this area so I can breath and be as far away from him as possible. I want to burn all of his stupid meaningless love books .  There’s not much more to say… he can say he was restraining me as much as he wants. His posse, Joyce Gearhart, Roger Masse, Tim Hanson, Sarah Shelquist, Marc Klausen, Sonya Griffin, Sabrina Moe, and Max Young can all turn their heads the other way to justify their own choice to be enablers or someone that would ever stand with a man who hurts a woman, but that’s exactly who you are.  If you were a true friend you’d tell him to get real help and to stop lying – That’s what friends do.  All you are doing is allowing a violent man who is a pathological liar continue to be the dishonest and violent.  Vince assaulted me because I stopped enabling him and I stopped letting him lie to me.  Not saying don’t support him but do it knowing what he is, but you can’t because you don’t view yourselves as enablers.  It’s just easier to blame the victim.  So, let’s just go with what is, and that is society choosing to ignore tangible evidence that he’s lying. Tangible evidence being the injuries he caused that have been documented from day one.  Instead, the expectation is put on the victim who is not allowed to feel sad, angry, hopeless, depressed or suicidal.  You, the enablers, justify by calling us unstable and scorned because it’s easier for you to process versus having to think that maybe we are the mess that we are because we were assaulted by your friend, colleague or cycling buddy. We are expected to go on as if nothing happened and keep silence because it could ruin their career.

So, go ahead and believe whatever you need to to justify your actions.  I will post this post every single day until my brain is functioning above normal because that’s what he took from me. I will post this every day until the day I can drive because that’s what he took from me.  I will post this until the day I can put groceries away without feeling nauseated or fatigued because that’s what he took from me.  You go ahead and believe whatever you need to, to justify choosing to be an enabler, bully me, and treat me by enjoying kicking me when I am down, blaming me, telling me I deserved it and overall treat me as if my life is worthless. Believe he tried to break it off because I’m unstable despite the texts, emails, blog, Spotify.  Believe he was restraining me despite what he says on this audio and the rest that exist.  You are the ugliness we are seeing in our political system that allows women to be abused and harmed because we are emotional and if we speak up, we are vindictive.  What you do is on you and a reflection of who you are and the cowards that you are because you need for me to be the villain so you can justify yourselves.  It’s on you, and you are just as responsible for his abuse as you are.