You’re different, right?


Let’s be clear that I don’t know for certain if Vince is a covert narcissist – I am not a  psychologist qualified in any way to make that or any other prognosis.  I am here simply to share my story, post old emails to demonstrate the emotional abuse that was there long before the violence.  And while I identify most with victims of narcissistic abuse I am here because I was tired of being muzzled and forced to either do things his way or be punished by way of psychological torture. This is not about being vindictive or being scorned. It’s about standing up to what is expected from victims of domestic violence.  Those are excuses for enablers who need to justify their place in society for excusing and supporting abusive behavior and reflects more on them than me.

From my Book: From Charm to Harm and Everything else in Between with a Narcissist! @ This abuse doesn’t stop the very day you walk away from a psychologically and emotionally abusive partner or Narcissist. It more than likely may continue to affect you long after you are out of the relationship until you completely […]

via Let’s call this EXACTLY what it is – emotional and psychological abuse and Domestic Violence from a personality disordered person. — After Narcissistic Abuse

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