2 Years ago.

This was the response after she created mayhem. He sounds sincere, doesn’t he?except I was punished by silence and later…doesn’t matter. 
Below is the email I will send.  It includes in my own words, nearly all topics you included in your sample email as well as several topics that I felt were important to address as part of this communication that you did not suggest.  Please read through it and I encourage you to appreciate that I am communicating what is important and what I believe has contributed to some of our challenges.  If taken honestly and earnestly by the recipient, may result in some beneficial changes but I hold out little hope for that.  Regardless, I will communicate this willingly and support everything communicated as my firm beliefs and desires.
Please confirm that you have read this and I will send it out tonight from my WF account once I know you have read it.

From: Vincent
To: Christine
Date: Thu, Sep 22, 2016 at 6:42 AM


As I mentioned earlier, my choice to put your desires to keep Vesta out of elements of my life and the kids life was wrong and has contributed to many of the difficulties we have experienced in the recent past.  I should have been stronger then in making it clear that Vesta was an important part of my life and that requests to prevent encounters were unwarranted and unhelpful.  My compliance with your desires fostered the sense of separateness with her that was hurtful to her and damaged my relationship with her.  Vesta does not lie and it is true I didn’t want for her to contact you when you two originally met.

This past week she spent so much time arranging for things for my birthday, both while I was in Des Moines and when I returned on Friday, concluding in a mini surprise party Friday night.  She was happy that her cordial, appropriate interactions with you to arrange for the kids to be there when I got home were reciprocated.  Your claim that she asked you about a chicken recipe was misleading as it completely left out the real purpose of the request.  Her ask about the recipe for R2 was not her trying to swap recipes but simply to do her best to accommodate R2’s challenges with food by not calling to attention to his limited palate and having him eat the same or similar differ as the rest of us all.  It was sweet of her to think about R2’s in that way and demonstrates her continuing care for both of the boys.  It took a lot for her to reach out to you given the animosity in the past but it was important to her for her and the kids to be able to surprise and celebrate with me.   Thank you for coordinating her to bring the kids to our place last Friday but I don’t believe it was necessary or helpful to take offense concerning a simple request.  If you do not wish to respond to a request you are free to let her know directly but I am not your conduit to communicate to her.

As I have mentioned, Vesta and I, along with the kids share a home.  We are a family.  She is my partner and isn’t going anywhere and I will continue to share with her.  Consequently it would be best for all to find a way to be cordial and operate as adults.  Moreover, if I am unable to pick the kids up or choose to have Vesta pick up the kids I expect her to do so without conflict or drama.  It is your right to request that she not enter your property and of course she will abide by that but it’s unnecessarily hostile and unhelpful towards establishing a cordial relationship and one that is sustainable.

Finally, if you are dating and leaving the boys with them I would appreciate knowing who they are and contact information in case I need to contact them for any emergencies.

I am emailing this from my W$&@ %#}{ account so there is no doubt about its provenance.  All other communications should go to and will originate from my gmail address.


My GOD! Why did I stay in such an ugly thing…

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