The games he plays!

Why would anyone in their right mind do things like this? Why is he telling the world I’m a scorned lover but then he creates this.  I’m here talking about it all because I want him to stop.



The next two photographs show how much easier it would have been to delete the playlist versus changing the name and making it public.  He intended for me to see it.


One comment

  1. […] I’m coming off as crazy while this son of a bitch plays with my life. Using Spotify to tell me he’s sorry the week before (April 4, 2018) our court hearing that was prompted by him filing a false complaint he didn’t show up for.  I really wish his crazy ex wife would stop believing his lies because she is going to push for things that are going to backfire on her but it will be at the expense of my health. Read this for rest of the story.  […]

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