Dear new supplier, let me introduce myself…

I’m Vesta, a mother of 2, woman full of life, laughter and joy.  I have a good heart and always want to do what I can to help. I am also a woman hoping to find herself back to being the carefree free spirit who was deeply scared after a 5.5 year relationship with Vincent Beggs. The man I once called my green-eyed man, because I loved his eyes, turned out to be the man who mutilated me and sense of self during our 5.5 years together.  I was the supplier picked 8 months after he separated from his wife after their 14 year marriage.  Only problem was he failed to mention that they hadn’t agreed to divorce.  That came four months after we began dating, and if  you can believe it, took another 2 years before I learned about it. Sadly, it wasn’t the last time he lied – lying for him is second nature, he does it with ease, just like taking his next breath…natural. He is a pathological liar, and his close friend, Jeff thinks so as well as did his ex wife since he omitted major details about something very tragic.

My sweet friend Carey sent screenshots of his dating profile on Bumble.  Besides posting pictures from 3-5 years ago, he forgets to mention the advice his mother gave me when she warned me about not knowing what I was getting into and calling him an asshole the very first time I met her. As a matter of fact his ex said the same thing, adding that he was detached, devoid of emotion, selfish and unable to look at his patterns.  Looking back my experience with him included constant emotional abuse, severe gaslighting and punishment when he didn’t get his way or when I dared to question him.  Finally, he chose violence when he lost his inability to control his anger when he was challenged for telling another lie.  He has a different story but facts are facts, and he can’t make those go away.

Take a look at this as well.

No, I’m not jealous nor resentful nor confused about whether he loved me or not.  He didn’t because he doesn’t have the capacity to.  He’s great at first but when it gets too hard to keep up the facade and he has you where he wants, he will destroy you.  For me,  he’s now just the guy who beat me.  The violent guy who emotionally gutted me without giving a crap.  He’s a weak soul without courage, integrity, honor or ethics.  The facts documented in our relationship clearly document who he really is.  I don’t need his version anymore. I don’t need to ask why.  I have always had the answers in front of me but I was under his control and now I don’t need anything from him because he’s not capable of telling the truth nor facing himself as a flawed individual.  The story he will tell you is that he broke it off with me because I was jealous of his ex wife and didn’t want him to have a relationship with her. I can tell that by his announcing on his profile that he states he “co-parents”  Just as he did with me he will make plans in the beginning, nice dinners, theater, will talk to you about trips and wanting to see things with you.  He promised me Tuscany, Paris, Spain, and everything in between.  I hung on waiting for him to show me that his words weren’t empty.  You are probably just like me or his ex GF before the wife.  You may think you’re different and that it will be different.  You will think he loves you and is able to connect with you like he hasn’t with anyone else.  The pattern I noticed with him was that each time he lied he wanted to have sex multiple times.  He was all over me after coming home from Chicago that first year – Little did I know he had lied. We had lots of sex after he attacked me only to turn it around and imply I was a whore when I wanted a restraint order against him. He told me he shaved his pubic hair because he knew we were going to have sex around mother’s day, and wanted to surprise me after his parents left.  Only problem with that was we weren’t talking and did not have any plans to see each other.  We met for coffee to try and make up and ended up in bed. Liar. So, if he tells you he broke it off in December, know he’s lying.  Look at all the texts that tell the true story of what happened.  Read the emails and cards that he sent recognizing I had asked for him to leave me alone.  No, we ended in August. Last time we had sex was August 4th, the day before he went to Monterey, VA for a cycling event, Mountain Mama.  He humiliated me on the 4th when he yelled and threw things at me because I asked him to stay with me after learning the extent of damages he had caused to my inner ear when he threw me.  Crazy to want the man who maimed you to want to comfort you  It’s crazy because all I wanted was for him to understand the seriousness of what he had done.  How incredibly sad to have shown so little self worth to give him the time of day after he did what he did.  Vincent Beggs is a monster.  He is a monster who maimed me so bad I am still suffering because everything I do is impacted.

I wish I would have listened to the warnings his mother, ex wife and sister gave me, but I thought I was special.  I thought their motive was because they were trying to break us up, but then they warned me long before things went south between us (me and the ex and mom)

My abuser can’t be alone – He needs to be worshiped and wanted, and he needs to put his spin on every story. He needs to control every scenario and he is desperate for a new supplier who I  I am scared for  – He is a dangerous, violent man and that is something he can never change. He will destroy whoever he is with, without giving a damn.  If by some miraculous way you find your way here, and decide to reach out, I’ll be happy to share my experience and everything I have because I know you have been told an earful, and you need to make sure I can be trusted.  I am happy to sign a release and let let you talk to my psychologist and neurologist – that way you can get the full scope of what being with him did to me and what he has continue to do to harm me until April of this year.  I will show you the messages he sent.  I’ll show you everything that will debunk every word that came out of his mouth.  I know what he’s like so believe that I am not the jilted lover that he’s made me out to be and that I want nothing to do with him.  To me he is a filthy individual who I hope to never see again.  I really wish all of this was made up as he likes to point out, but in reality it’s a matter of life or death because he almost killed me, both physically and emotionally.


  1. I can relate to all of this. I ended my own 3 -year-long relationship with a narcissistic abuser on April 2 of this year. It’s taken months after that to come to terms with the fact that he is actually a narcissist and that I poured so much of myself – and almost ruined my life – into someone that isn’t even capable of real love.
    I think you are very brave to call yours out by name. I have wanted to but the possible repercussions weren’t worth it. Maybe someday, I’ll be strong enough to.

    • Thank you. I did it because he wouldn’t leave me alone and did things that left me confused when I was trying to move on. He had a blog, a playlist and despite my crying, begging to take it down, he continued the BS. I decided to call him out by name after he chose to up the ante by using the courts to muzzle me. Writing about him and what he did was what I had to do to free myself from him because for 5.5 years I was silenced and emotionally gutted and blamed for things that were not my fault other than I existed. It has been one year since I told him I didn’t want to see him and it has taken this long to feel somewhat okay. I am long from okay but my struggle continues because of the physical injuries and how it has impacted my life and my children. I will never forgive him for that. I’m glad you’re out and rebuilding. All we can do is focus on ourselves and address our own hurt so we never ever end up like monsters like these again.

  2. […] Vince began writing grateful emails after I told him in early August 2017 I no longer wanted to see him.  He has been lying, including in court, saying that he “broke up” with me on December 21, 2016.  Guess causing brain injury is one way to break up – future supplier take note. You’re only special until he has a new person worshipping him.  […]

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