A West Ada school teacher, Angels Plemmons Ramos took it upon herself to anonymously contact me in order to intimidate, and threaten to publicly shame me if I didn’t do as she and Vince and Christine wanted.  I am unsure what their involvement was, but having chosen to stay silent when they knew a police report was made and using the exchange in dubious ways leads me to believe they were aware of her actions which is why they stayed silent.

I found these online.  I would hope he would have these removed if they are inaccurate.  That said, Carlos’s own text say he was okay with my looking where I was and okay with whatever I found so I guess he’s okay with it since he hasn’t done anything to have them removed from the original site.    
image (2)image-3.png
From: “Angela
To: vesta
Subject: How are you?
Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2007 12:35:35 -0700

Hi Vesta,
I thought of you recently when I got back to Paul about his birthday celebration and he mentioned that you were planning to go too.  I am really not sure what to think or feel about the issues that we’ve had, but it seems that it may be worth talking at some point, as we’ve known each other and been friends for a long time.  Call or write me back, if you want.  Fox and I are currently in S.F., and will be here until probably Sunday.  It sounds as though you may be here as well, or soon will be. I can’t guarantee how quickly I will get the message and be able to respond — I’ve been having some difficulty getting good reception and messages since being here.
Take care,