Even Christine thinks what Vince did is abuse.

After Vince and his family learned of the assault, my concussion, had seen the bruises on my body and learned of his arrest, his sister wrote him to say she knew what a kind person he was and that I must have provoked him. 

This is the same sister who initially said she never liked Christine and that they had never seen Vince as happy as he was with me, with anyone else. Same sister who said she and and her parents had concerns about Vince marrying her.  Same sister who told me she had been trying for years to have a relationship with Vince but that he never showed any interest in getting to know her, his niece or her husband.  This is the same sister who called him an asshole and discussed openly why he was kicked out of his house by his dad.  Whatever…

I responded in anger and disbelief for her excusing his behavior and included my neurologists notes to show the extent of injuries I sustained.  I should have known better because the Beggs have their own set of moral code while holding others to the total opposite, hence it’s okay and justifiable that her brother destroyed my inner ear and caused brain trauma, but it’s not okay for me to say I hope one day your daughter finds herself where I am in hopes that you understand how cruel you are. They like being victims…  

On a positive note, the ex wife is calling what he did abuse so I guess it’s not all bad!


February 2017


This is what Vince did to me.  I hate all of you and wish you a lifetime of darkness for the way you treated me and hope someday %%%%% is in the same place I am today because that will make you understand how horrible you were to me after this.  You are all vile and I am glad to never have to see your faces again.  I pray that god brings you the same darkness you brought me.  Shame on you for who you all are.  Keep on crawling up Christine’s ass because you haven’t cleared out all the feces yet.

Below is an excerpt from the the ex wife’s March 22, 2018 email written to my psychologist.  Just like the examples I provided today, I am sooooo looking forward to all of the lies being exposed and knowing that it will, gives me peace and patience. 

On a side note, I did call the police and it wasn’t “an” email.  It was multiple emails and the emails were not the reason I called the police for.  I filed a report and sent along various documents and had a detective call back to let me know my concerns were legit given what they reviewed. 

Truth always always prevails.  ALWAYS!


“She reported my brother-in-law to the police because he simply had enough and sent her an email calling out her behavior. She has in the past told him and my sister-in-law that she hopes their then 6 year old daughter is the victim of abuse in the future.”



Always loved this song.  Completely unrelated to anything I wrote….felt like sharing.


  1. Your situation sounds very frustrating. Going “no contact” is the best advice I ever took when navigating life with an ex lying all the time. They steal your joy…

    • He stole much more then my joy. He stole my ability to live a full life and given the injuries. And if that wasn’t enough he and his posse have decided to take up an intimidation campaign. We are entangled in the court system so I can’t be 100% contact free – that said being in the courts system has brought some peace because it’s not my word against his word and the fantasies he has created but rather facts like texts, emails, doctors testimony, expert witness testimony. He doesn’t have that advantage because he’s a lying monster 🙂 thanks for your support. I really appreciate it – it’s nice to be able to lay out what was said in the contex it was set in vs their presentation of facts that is meant to mislead. Kinda like Fox News 🙂

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