Thanksgiving Invite 2015.

From: Vesta <>
Date: Wed, Oct 21, 2015 at 8:54 PM
Subject: Thanksgiving
To: Christine <>

Dear Christine,
You are more than welcome to join us for dinner on Thanksgiving.  I believe my ex will be here as well.
I hold no ill feelings towards you and continue to hope that we can have a cordial and comfortable relationship.  I don’t know if Vince told you but David was diagnosed with Adenosquamous Carcinoma in November.  Not only am I heartbroken for him but I am heart broken and scared over what my kids may face.  The kids love their dad and will enjoy having him with us just as much as your boys will love having you here.  I’m tired of fighting and the discomfort and the bull shit that exists that really doesn’t need to….I forgave you and hope you can do the same.  Life is simply too short and too sweet to keep grudges and fight….I sincerely mean that.
Lets all move forward….
Take care,
She didn’t respond to me but rather to Vince threatening to “call me out.” Below is my response. 
you can call me out anytime you wish Christine and I am sorry you feel what you do towards me – Please leave Vince out of this.  Rest assure I will not email you anymore and refuse to put the kids nor Lee & Chuck in the middle.  Therefore I will not respond to anything you say to me in public.  We are grown women with children…sad that it has to be this way.
I wish you the best.
And the drama goes on with her response….
I consider Vince responsible for bringing you into my life and not dealing with things when they are out of hand. The rest is not Worth responding to. Good that you will leave me alone as I have requested many times.
Me to her
I invited you over for a meal.
Good Luck to you Christine.  I wish you the best.  You scare me…really really scare me.
I am so sick of the stress you have brought into our lives.
I reached out to you and invited you to have dinner and instead you attack.
The stress your passive aggressive demands have put on us and the entire family by making it known you do not want me around is taking a toll.  It is so bad his parents feel they have to choose because they are scared of you not letting them see their grand kids.  Vince sometimes is scared of you that you will take the kids.  Frankly, I will walk tomorrow if that’s what you want.  If you are going to hurt him by taking his kids then I will walk away from him because I am so sick and tired of the tug of war you have created and I don’t want to hurt him anymore by the demands I’m beginning to make because unlike you, I’m not a selfish bitch. You want to control and you want to hurt.  You want everyone to think you are the super star and you’ve been wronged.  It’s always someone else’s fault.  It’s always someone else that’s causing you pain.  You won.  You were the wife and how stupid of me to think we could be cordial and show our kids that we can all sit around a table and share a meal.  How stupid of me to think that was possible. I reached out to you tonight to invite you for dinner and told you about David and instead of any sort of empathy towards my kids you start this shit.
Well, be happy you are so feared.  Be happy for the demands that you’ve made that push me out.
This is so incredibly sad….
WHAT SHE WROTE BACK IS HOW SHE ENDED THE NIGHT.  IT SPEAKS VOLUMES.  Don’t forget My kids father just found out he has a rare form of cancer.  I invite her over for a meal and she bullies.  
Being the bigger person doesn’t have to equate to being constantly shit on. This is the sort of bullying and belittling this woman has put me through and continues to put me through.  She can’t seem to want to end the nightmare because…you be the judge of who she is because I will never understand.
“So guys. I am done with this. I will share tomorrow with the entire family. Good luck to you. “


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