Empty Words…December 2013.

This is why I stayed…his words melted my heart…note how he’s telling me how busy he is, having dinner with this co workers, and had to get sleep because of work. Well…Something has always bothered me about his conduct including what happened when he returned. Once we got home from the airport I saw what appeared to be dry splooge, for lack of a better word, on his jacket.  And, he wanted to have sex all night – The last time we had this kind of a sexathon was January 2013 while he was lying about his Christmas trip. A sexathon, professing his love in rhe first love book night.   

My gut nagged at me, but I ignored it and as always there was always an explanation.  Oh…Just to be clear, I could care less that he went to Twin Peaks or paid a stripper $2000.00 to just do “lap dances” – I’m serious.  If I trust you, then I don’t care because I’m confident in myself. No, I don’t have a perfect body but I don’t have any problems being naked so it’s not that woman who are young and in great shape intimitate me.  Not at all.  It’s about him lying about “work meetings” that took place at a restaurant that his company doesn’t pay for, and the disappearing games but then blaming me for not trusting him.  No shit sherlock.  What do you think will happen over time when you lie…Please accuse me of lying about the 2000.00 stripper whose phone number was stored in your telephone.  Thank goodness the phone was a company phone and there’s s record of all texts.

So, fast forward to early 2017 when I learned that upon his arrival to Des Moines, and for the following three nights he was hanging out at Twin Peaks.  He told me it was because they had good food…LOL..A liar can’t remember his last lie! The last time we were in Des Moines together I suggested going to Twin Peaks – he  asked why and went on to make a comment about the food being horrible.  OMG!  Why did I stay!!!! I feel so sick, so so so sick.

I wonder if he even knows what the truth is? He told me he went on Match.com January of 2012, but I came across a second account that was Ifz******2011 – Yep! 2011.  I don’t have a clue but am going to assume he cheated on me.  I can’t speak to what happened in his marriage. He lies so much that I don’t have any reason to believe otherwise.  I also remember seeing the Bumble app on his phone but not knowing what it was, and of course he downloaded Tinder on his second phone after he assaulted me but claimed he never logged in, yeah right. Just like Donald Trump didn’t know the women were paid off or that his good friends were committing bank fraud by misstating facts. Some lie about where they live and some lie about what they have access to and how much they have…Everyone is wonderful and honest until they get caught…I’m gonna stop.  He is who he is.

Vince doesn’t believe omissions are lies so who knows what he was doing.  What I do know, based upon the advice he gave his friend Jeff in 2016, during a business trip to Vegas, he wouldn’t blink about lying because he’s a selfish fuck.  Vince was trying to talk Jeff into going to a strip club with us but Jeff didn’t want to because his wife was uncomfortable with him going and he respected that and told Vince he didn’t want to do anything that would cause her hurt.  Vince’s response was to suggest not telling her.  That’s who Vince is.  I was shocked but he doesn’t respect anyone but himself.  Even Jeff stated in an email that Vince is a liar.

I’m getting upset so need to go so I don’t go down this road tonight.

Vincent  <vince@gmail.com> Wed, Dec 4, 2013 at 6:07 PM
To: Vesta <vesta@gmail.com>
Thank you for sharing everything and I am fine with us not being together this weekend. I have a lot going on this weekend with the release so it was going to be tentative for me anyway until I am done with work.
Headed out to have a beer with some of my team.
Vincent  <vinc@gmail.com> Fri, Dec 6, 2013 at 6:52 PM
To: Vesta<vesta@gmail.com>
I read it all.  Processing and have to run to dinner with my co-worker but I wanted to let you know I was able to ready it (except for the chat session) and we can talk this weekend or I can spend some time this week in Iowa writing you back to let you know what’s in my head…
I care immensely about you. Know that.
My Lover

Vincent <vinc@gmail.com> Tue, Dec 10, 2013 at 7:42 AM
To: Vesta <vestcom>
I needed to get some sleep before a long day today and also wasn’t feeling like we were totally understanding what the other was saying last night and so I closed my eyes to end the day.  It gave me a little time to clear my head and a little time to think and of course some rest, all of which I needed.  I also know that I have never been very good at working through these things on the phone and so I apologize about retreating a bit.  It’s my fight or flight response I suppose getting in the way.
You sent this to me in Google chat a little while ago and I think it’s fitting now. (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/11/21/christina-aguilera-a-great-big-world_n_4315944.html).  I am not pulling away.  You are too important to me.  I want you.  I will fight for you.  For us.  And some of that fight needs to be directed at me,  listening to what you say, looking inside and understading what I can do to ensure the bad patterns are eliminated and the good patterns are reinforced.  I have both good ones and and bad ones to be sure.
I have layed here in bed for two hours reading your texts, tinking about how to respond and I realized that if I try to address the concerns point by point, I end up sounding defensive.  And so I will just let you know where I am at.
– I purchased the amazon items (except for the gift for Elizabeth) this morning when I got online.
– I want to see you Thursday night.  My flight get’s in at 7:30 and I really do want to see you.  I cant wait to see you.  I wish I weren’t travelling this week.
– I called Christine to talk to the kids last night but she didn’t pick up and it was after 8 when I called so they may have been getting ready for bed.  I will try to talk to them tonight.
– Christine forgot that I was travelling next week.  I sent her the email where I told her I was and she acknowledged.  But I did ask to have the boys Sunday night since I am not going to see them after then for a long time.
I want to write more but my day has to start now and I need to get in the gym.  I will talk to you later today.
You are my lover and I miss you and miss waking up next to you.


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  1. […] Hi!  If you were with Vincent Beggs between September 2012 and August 2017, please get in touch.  He lies a lot and today I woke up wanting to know whether he was faithful.  He lied about having decided to divorce his wife when I met him in 2012, and that’s something I didn’t learn about until almost two years after we were together. So why wouldn’t he lie about us if he wanted to be with someone else. He told me all sorts of crap about being in meetings when he was visiting Twin Peaks until the wee hours of the morning and then showed up with white splooge on his jacked. […]

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