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Grateful for Christine Beggs


Not only did she acknowledge what Vince did to me as abuse, but she pointed out at a court hearing that what I am saying may impact something she’s very proud of having.  As much pain as she has caused me I now smile because those who will come knocking someday will not give a damn what her version of the truth is.  Instead of automatically taking her side, they will listen to mine as well without her presence and then go knocking on everyone else’s door that is involved per their own admission from doctors to neighbors and in the process everything she has been trying to muzzle me on will be out and it’s all her doing.

That’s poetic justice.  That’s Karma for choosing to intentionally kick me when I am down, and enjoying it.  In trying to discredit me, she has tied us together and can’t undo it or control the natural consequences of what she set in motion when she chose to create chaos trying to control this blog and everything that I say because now that is public record.  She can’t control who will look, when they look or whether they come knocking on my or anyone else’s door, exactly what she set out to try and stop. And to think none of us needed to land here because all it would have taken was for her to be a decent human being, but when you’re not capable of empathy and the world revolves around you, you can’t see past your own toes.

All of that said, the entire situation is actually really sad and I wish the money they have spent on attorneys, they would have spent on psychologist for the ones who matter the most.



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