Love Bombing, Manipulation, My Story

This is how Vince Beggs was trying to lighten things up!

I set out to post all of his cards and ALL of the selfies he sent from December 21, 2016, the night he assaulted me, until August 30, 2017.  However, in trying to organize everything by date, I decided it was a waste of time, plus the need to see the proof to reassure myself I didn’t misunderstand or try to convince you that Vincent Beggs is a liar seems to have diminished – a nice surprise – Having the chaos he created be in the legal system has brought a sense of calm into my life because now there will be a judge and jury going over facts that matter.  On court documents, during testimony, with his friends at a bar, cycling, on text with his family and friends this pathetic excuse of a man has managed to paint a picture of me pursuing him after he assaulted me, and while I am the first to admit, I was in a state of shock and wasn’t ready to end it after the assault, I was embarrassed to have continued seeing him, and didn’t tell anyone because I knew it was wrong and felt horrible about it. Plus, I had a little help in believing the feeling was mutual and that’s what at the root of this post.

It feels good to look at these, smile and feel secure that I am not crazy and that he led me to believe we were going to make it, and for however long it may last, it feels good not to doubt myself and feel confident.  Of course his actions were opposite his words and that’s my lesson to learn in all this…actions speak much louder than words.


The pics of us at a bar on the top row are the last pictures we took together.  I am pathetic and feel sad for myself when I look at them.  Read my last post to see why. The rest are the cards, pics he sent while on vacation with his sons, while in Las Vegas at an IBM conference with his colleagues, and other random shots to share his day. I may be nuts but if I was trying to lighten things up, I wouldn’t be sending photos or cards. I really really wish Vince would tell the truth – if I had to guess his ex wife if livid learning he was sending photos of the kids but that’s what happens when you live a lie.





















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