Manipulation, My Story

Sr. VP in 2010? Really? Did Jay know? Did Sr. Leadership?

This is the real Vince. 

real vince

lease lieSenior Vice President?  Really?  Last I remember “leadership” wasn’t making the switch from VP.   “Kindness will get you kindness” are his words – too bad detached, emotionally devoid people don’t know what kindness is.

Tired of lies and being bullied and humiliated. Truth matters. Omissions show intent and intent matter….Fayette or Carlyle? 225, 339 and 544….Lies lies lies lies – restraining me?  Lie lie lie…WF and cycling crew will repeat the lies where it matters, and in the process learn what betrayal, being used and lied to feels like.

That’s the upside so that makes me grateful for the coward’s need to be perfect and joy in humiliating me that leads him to not think. Grateful for the blond gossip in the group for chatting up and repeating his story to everyone and their mother – The larger the posse, the more proof of how much he lies.

I’m learning to look at the positive even when I am being bullied and humiliated, and remembering that opposite of Mr. VP Beggs, truth is what matters to me, not facade and that will always make him the only one who loses when it comes to “lose lose” – The more they try and embarrass me, the more they try and humiliate me, the more he tries to bully me, the more of the truth I speak because trying to muzzle me by bullying no longer works.

The ugly things he does or is behind when no one is watching.

image (2)image-4.png



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