Abuser, Gaslighting, Love Bombing

Deny deny deny…Unhinged!

Would have been so much simpler had he just deleted the damn playlist, but no.  He was jonesing for me so he had to change the title of the private playlist that I had to call Spotify for to get off my page and make it public because he knows I’m looking.  WTF! What is wrong with this guy.  He never loved me. He can’t love.  It’s all about control.  So, my ex green eyed monster explain this to those you are lying to, saying that I am “unstable.”

Do you recognize how sick and vicious your actions have been and how much damage they have caused.  Are you really this crazy? Who does what you’ve done.  Why?

Are you really sorry for December or was this just another one of your ploys to get me to respond and gain control over me?

Why did you take it away when I posted it?  I let it sit for a month, you know. If you’re such a man who thinks for himself and doesn’t get pushed around by his ex or mother, why take it away? Oh that’s right, because you only posted it as a way to try and control me and get me to react.

Do you see how you behave? Let’s go to forensic psychologist, all of us.  Let them decide who’s “unstable” –  oh wait, I can make you go since you’ve made it possible 🙂 Thank you.

Get help.


First picture is the dates of when he added each song.  April 4th was when he added Back to December – Lyrics for that is on the bottom of the page.  That’s one week before the hearing – I ask you, is that normal behavior?  Does that coincide with a man who repeatedly defames me by referring to me as unstable and someone who isn’t over him.  Who really isn’t over who?

We are now in the court system and a trial is underway.  Once the process begins I am confident that truth will prevail.




The next two photographs show how much easier it would have been to delete the playlist versus changing the name and making it public.  He intended for me to see it.







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