The Audacity…

Angie should have thought about her professional career as a teacher for the State before choosing to try and intimidate me when she sent that horrible message? I mean, what a concept! Right? Why is this woman putting what the consequences of HER ACTIONS against me, on me. How is that my problem.  Kinda like Vincent Beggs telling me I wasn’t a decent person because I filed charges against him for having assaulted me.

The letter from “Angie” was delivered to my home – The word “harassment” is used to my messaging her husband and a friend of hers, asking that she get in touch.  My god!  what could I have been thinking trying to get a hold of her so she could explain why her name is appearing in my life when I haven’t talked to her in over 11 years.  Can you believe it!  Shame on me!

The audacity for this piece of trash, and that is what she is given her conduct and pompous attitude thinking she is somehow so important to tell me not to harass her, when she took it upon herself to email me a note accusing me of lying about my injuries is hypocritical, to say the least.  It’s dirty and filthy and only shows the depth of her disturbed mind and grandiose ideas about who she is and what she’s an expert in – From linguistics to brain expert to lawyer – Factually, she may not be lying when she refers to not knowing what happened in court, but why isn’t she refuting not being the person who sent the email or having been in touch with Vincent Beggs, the man who assaulted me, the man who was arrested for assault and the man who tells others I’m stalking him while he makes Spotify lists and blogs.  And I’m the crazy one.

How sick and deranged are these people to be traveling on this self destructive path. Ironic her email accused me of being impulsive and having OCD, when it should be her looking at her own actions.  What gets me is that I have not talked to this person in over 11 years and she took it upon herself to send me a letter, trying to intimidate me into removing the posts that are “untrue.” What’s ironic is she assumed I was lying, and I bet she was high with anticipation that the blog was going away, and is probably livid that it will not since I’m not lying about anything I’m saying. If she had an ounce of decency…it’s obvious she doesn’t so why waste time on what if’s.

This is victory for me because it feels good to not want to respond especially since they are counting on my responding.  The messages on YouTube have been triggering but I am able to let it go thanks to my sweet friend who somehow managed to make me understand that I had nothing to prove to anyone and it’s better to just be and not care what they think.  That, coupled with seeing my abuser, Vincent Beggs, the hunchback, bald, leatherface asswipe with evil eyes, and not having an ounce of feelings for him except disgust has brought back some of my confidence, and a serious shift in not allowing them get to me.  I am truly grateful to be in the court system where there’s a process in place and where truth, in these matters anyway, will prevail.


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