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Angela Plemmon De Ramos & Vincent Beggs – Classless acts.

On July 2, 2018, as his words were being documented, Vincent Beggs said he had spoken with Angie Plemmons who had told him I had communicated unnecessary information to her.  Only problem with that scenario is I haven’t talked, thought, or seen this woman in over 11 years! So, who’s lying?

I learned the information he purged were things I assumed I was communicating to him or his ex wife, and not Angela Plemmons De Ramos. I was in shock to hear him repeat verbatim what I had sent to the “anonymous sender”- Sadly it was then I put two and two together that the person who in May sent a message through WordPress accusing me of lying about my health issues and that it would be to my “best interest” to remove my untrue posts since I would certainly deserve public shaming and that I should do what Vince’s colleagues were doing in choosing the higher road. And even though for a quick minute I thought it could be Angie just because of the reference to the Persian restaurant in the bay area where we were when we were friends, but never expected that it would be her because of the references she made. Those words were words I had heard from Vince for years.   Why in god’s name would she be inserting herself into my life 11 years after the last time she and I spoke.  I had never even mentioned her name to anyone since we stopped talking because I never thought about her.  She was the past and I didn’t have room for her in my life.

Learning it was her is disturbing, and the more I think about her life and her background and what she has been through, the more she scares me because this person, if Vince is telling the truth under oath, took it upon herself to beat me over the head – What person in their right mind would do that.  Are my thoughts in wondering if I should be worried since she knows so much about my life, like my son’s name or of their dad’s illness, justified. I worry more because she has serious mental health issues that could cloud her judgment so my fear is real.

On the other hand I wonder if she was expecting Vince to expose her identity under oath while the proceeding was being recorded. What happened may not be illegal but it’s certainly unethical, and given she is entrusted with people’s most precious, priceless and irreplaceable beings, their children, this was certainly a stupid thing to do.

I don’t have a choice but to be patient, and wait it out because going to trial is a long long process.

Sigh….All of this makes me sad.

I found these online.  I would hope he would have these removed if they are inaccurate.  That said, Carlos’s own text say he was okay with my looking where I was and okay with whatever I found so I guess he’s okay with it since he hasn’t done anything to have them removed from the original site.    
image (2)image-3.png
From: “Angela
To: vesta
Subject: How are you?
Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2007 12:35:35 -0700

Hi Vesta,
I thought of you recently when I got back to Paul about his birthday celebration and he mentioned that you were planning to go too.  I am really not sure what to think or feel about the issues that we’ve had, but it seems that it may be worth talking at some point, as we’ve known each other and been friends for a long time.  Call or write me back, if you want.  Fox and I are currently in S.F., and will be here until probably Sunday.  It sounds as though you may be here as well, or soon will be. I can’t guarantee how quickly I will get the message and be able to respond — I’ve been having some difficulty getting good reception and messages since being here.
Take care,

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