This girl made my day…

I received a message that made my day, night, week, month and year.  As a matter of fact, knowing sharing my story helped one person is surreal and made all the scrutiny I have endured from my abuser, his family and his friends so worth it.  I feel energized that we have to speak up.  Those of us who have been abused need to say it out loud so we can free ourselves from their grip.  The more of us that does it, the stronger we become and little by little we can change how society treats all victims.  It has been beyond belief to see people who call themselves feminists or strong women tell me to think of my abuser and his professional life and this and that while they turn their head and label me the “stalker” or “unstable” because I dared to say his name out loud and because I refuse to have my dignity taken anymore than it already has been taken.  Sorry, staying quiet is how I got here…never again.

Somewhere along this path I stopped being a victim and am now a survivor and if the truth makes people uncomfortable then we weren’t meant to be friends.


I’m not usually one to reach out to strangers from the innerwebz, but, I couldn’t help but want to let you know that I listened to the first of the two recordings you posted the other day. 

Talk about EERIE. 

I am going through something so incredibly similar, it’s uncanny. Listening to that first recording actually made me say out loud to myself, “WOW.. This guy is ##########..” (&&&& is the malignant narcissist I’ve been so unfortunate to have gotten involved with.)

I guess I just wanted to let you know that you are NOT crazy, and, that everything you said to him was valid, and, concise, and, I cheered out loud for you a couple times during it.. Haha. 

Anyway, I’m pretty sure you’re my new hero – if that helps at ALL. 


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