Gee…I wonder who this could be!

Right now my only reason for wanting to get rid of this blog is I am embarrassed to be associated to these people. Their actions go beyond weird or comical.  They are disturbed to be doing what they are doing.  Really?  I have to look at myself and understand what it is about me that invited these people in my life. They are the same.  Grandiose sense of self.  No empathy and believe their life is worth more or more important than any other.

I will never allow these reptiles to shove their shame down my throat  as their grandiose sense of self allows them to feel they are entitled to do whatever they feel to get what they want.  Not sure why Angie sent an email pretending to be my dead grandmother and a Persian restaurant in San Francisco when she decided to bully me and then is telling me about her professional career.  Really?  or the bozo who I suspect is her husband or maybe even her or Vince or his ex wife…who knows, but why hide behind a fake name.  If you have something to say, say who you are. I’m sure she never expected to be outed, and now Mr. VP has linked himself to it – What an honest, earnest, ethical and kind thing for Mr. VP to be a part of.  I’m just glad everything has been recorded – Not glad but rather elated that every single word is documented by a third party so there will never be a he said she said.  Truth will always prevail…always…



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