A Poem about the Pain of a Narcissistic Relationship by Deborah Allin


Deborah Allin site is here.


An Upturned Soul

kiss_the_ghost_by_mon_artifice-d2iugtsKiss the ghost by Mon-artifice

You pull me in
I am erased
Filled with feelings
That have nothing to do with me
You use me as a mirror
Of yourself
You won’t feel so lost
But I will be
When you leave
I will be drained
Since you suck
All the life out of me
Yet persist with the illusion
Of giving
I am used
Later to be rejected
Since I reflect back to you
Aspects of yourself
You cannot bear to see
I am not who you thought I was
Because in me
It scared you to see
What you could not bear to face
I am lost in longing
That I think is for you
But really it is for someone
Who will see my true self
Since you are only reflecting back
All that is not me
I feel frustration and utter despair
You don’t like my…

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