Abuser, Gaslighting, Manipulation, My Story

Let his words lead to the truth.

Make Sure to Check out the blog and Spotify List he made for me.  The best way to fight this jerk is to use his own words to tell the truth.


I’m not taking any of this lightly.  Of course he didn’t.  He lied in court about it.  He lied lied lied….That’s what he does.  The advantage of that, I guess is that his posse will think they are doing him a favor when they are on the stand repeating what they told him about me.  Now that’s sweet revenge.

IMG_0644img_8924-2Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 10.45.44 PMScreen Shot 2018-06-02 at 10.37.31 PM8F8D5A0E-65A3-43E6-AF1B-B50F23F77D863B41F7C4-E87D-4D68-917E-DAC0E73965324B4525A7-5623-4F8F-897F-ECF127C70F699977F008-723C-4374-B615-EEDB566F951F6A22B84B-D2F8-41CF-AA42-8E7BA3C030C3C64F07B9-6534-4DA0-AC4D-81D2074FE8C8Gmail -linda8F83AEC4-191D-4673-9E68-CA5E771F4BF6F3FD0E08-58B7-4B7A-BA9D-024250555EAAGmail - Re: &&&&&'s Drawing Tablet PenGmail - 2017 will be a better year for us both, a great year if we make it so.Gmail - Chat with Vincent BeggsGmail - Re: Two months later...Gmail -lindaGmail - Re: Two months later...F8B236B5-9418-4524-8E70-B224A1FEA16FE984DCDE-76E0-43C6-A629-92F0A5225BE4FB0CAD76-8FD4-43CC-AAEA-D8E78B87002974428843-3497-4396-935F-B5BF59C7E362Vegas- 2014-04-25 22.13.17 (2)FFC7B443-429B-4875-82A2-3302CAC1981BC597802C-67CC-45CA-8A90-4304EFCC5DC5AFC9745B-C7F0-4415-AF91-3AE58B66269EB399D63D-68A8-4E66-8874-E84D59297723D10F1175-30D3-42D2-8285-36E27E3AF894IMG_0193IMG_0787IMG_0788IMG_0218

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