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Not Normal Behavior and it scares me…

I’m choosing to be open this drama because I believe it keeps me safe. For now, I’m going to take a break from writing.  I have been told that my safety and my children’s safety is in danger since my abuser or someone he knows is getting more aggressive with their bullying method.  I’m not removing any old posts so they haven’t won, but the stress they are causing is bringing on additional medical issues.

My ex Abuser is nothing but a coward, a dangerous violent criminal, and I can say that because it’s true.  I could be wrong, but I believe he or someone he knows is behind this and was also behind the bullying message I received a few weeks ago.   Experts of an email I wrote that person since their email address was visible, magically appeared on his attorney’s pleading. Of course it could all be a coincidence.   After all, my abuser is an honest, earnest and kind man.  Not.

Bullies and liars think they can do as they want, and they think they can lie under any circumstances but what happens is that they they trip themselves up. I just want to see them explain this one. I’m looking forward to outing them and once I do, the natural consequences will be a joy to watch unfold.  I am not sure who will want to have anything to do with people who commit bully, intimidate, and whatever legal terms define what they did.


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