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Was he molested as a young child?

This guy babysat my kids on a regular basis a few years ago. He found a job and moved to the bay area, where I’m from. I am still in shock learning of his arrest while reading about Chester Bennington’s suicide. It has brought up all sorts of feeling about trust and allowing a fraud and predator near the most important people in my life.  My kids.  I’m glad to have raised my kids who don’t automatically respect adults just because they are adults and do whatever they say.  My son use to like Brandon.  Liked that he played with him.  My daughter never liked him and so she didn’t talk to him much.  I thought it was because he was male and he and my son played a lot of sports outside.  I’m also happy because their dad works from home so he was always around.  I remember we ended using him because my son stopped listening to him and would boss him around and would go see his dad and Brandon didn’t know how to deal with that.  I am just thrilled that this guy never hurt my kids.
That said, I am curious to know his history.  Sexual abuse and molestation goes in cycles.  I wonder who hurt him.  I wonder who made him do things he didn’t want to do.  I also wonder if his parents were not the ones who abused him, whether what they did to help their son.  Did they take him to therapy.  Did they put him in a program if he showed unhealthy signs. Did he always like to “cuddle” with young kids.  It’s sick. Some of the things this guy said in nanny groups is beginning to emerge and it’s disturbing.    I wonder how long this was going on and who let it slipped through the cracks.  With his links to Virginia I hope lawmakers take note that laws must change to protect the innocent and victims.  I hope this state like many changes it laws by lowering the age CPS is allowed to intervene by mandating therapy and removing the child if there are other children in the home.  It’s time to start taking actions to protect the innocent.  This makes me sick.

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