I share these because to this day I still question myself.  I question whether I was too…everything he said.  Facts are I tried and I tried…the more I gave the more he took.  This is the sort of thing his mother was doing behind my back.  I’m not angry.  I’m crying because I don’t understand what I ever did to these people for them to be so vile.  I took three years of this shit before I began to spoke up and where did it get me.  I wish I would have never contacted his ex to try and make things comfortable for her.  Biggest mistake ever.  The lies he told…the lies…

The first text exchange documents what a conniving and horrible person his mother is and how cruel his ex is.  He admits to them meddling. He just never had the balls to stand up to them. These aren’t lies.  This is the truth.  Truth will always prevail. The last image is more BS.  I need to publish the other books. The first one was so full of love and passion – It’s because he was lying about what he was doing.  LIAR.

The email was to play with my head so I wouldn’t file a third party motion in a case that would have put his actions in front of the judge.  He admits that himself.


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Good morning and happy new year beautiful girl.  I decided to start the year off by doing something healthy and physical this morning and so I will be out of the apartment the rest of the morning and probably most of this afternoon. If you want to pick up/drop off stuff you can be certain I wont be there until 3pm at the earliest.

I have not read the emails or texts from last night and will do so when I am done with my ride.

2017 is going to be better for us. We needed something to shake us each out of patterns we followed this past year that were not healthy, both personally and as a couple. While the events of the past couple weeks have been horrible and I regret my part terribly and hope you can forgive me in some way in the future, they are a turning point we can use to our advantage to not fall into past patterns. I am not a monster or a danger but that’s obviously something you need to judge for yourself.

My hope for 2017 is that we are both healthier, mentally and physically.  That we recognize our own failings, actively work on them and give each other and others in our lives the space, time and benefit of the doubt, recognizing we either are acting out of love or fear. Let’s live our lives out of love. I will do my best to understand which is driving me and when I see I am functioning out of fear I will try to turn my actions towards love.

I promise I will read and respond to everything this afternoon.  Let’s give 2017 a chance.