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When you are healing from emotional and physical abuse, you feel all sorts of emotion from rage to self blame to sadness, humiliation and on and on….This was me last year.  He was sending me Grateful Emails until the 28th of August.  He also had been paying for all of my medical bills and Uber since I couldn’t drive at all.  I still can’t.  I drive local but I may never be able to drive at night but hey, they can go ahead and believe whatever they want since a court room doesn’t give a damn what they think.  It will be about the facts.  It’s comforting to know his vile behavior is actually helping me so it’s all good.  What I’ve learned is it’s important to trust the universe, god, karma and that there’s a reason for everything and so now after years of being muzzled and gaslighted the one thing that has tortured me for years is finally getting the attention it deserves, and they are the ones that made it happen.  Grateful. So, I will endure the hardship because I know it’s just a matter of time that truth will prevail.

So, I lost my train of thought…Welcome to brain trauma.  Check back in tomorrow and maybe I would have remembered what I was going to say.  In the mean time, to my abuser who checks on this site, daily, several times a day, #timesup you violent, dangerous criminal.

Oh yes…back to the email I posted! I remember…I stopped wanting to see him in person early August.  He wrote emails every day but then decided to stop paying for my medical bills that he was responsible for.  I hadn’t yet retained an attorney because I was hoping he would do the right thing.  He was drinking Bethany’s Kool Aid so he thought what he was going to do was somehow going to prove I was lying about what was wrong with me.  Well, right around the same time I learned what was behind my symptoms and why I wasn’t getting well.  Lacking any sense of human decency he didn’t tell me he was going to stop paying.  That’s the financial abuse part of the cycle of abuse.  He wouldn’t answer me and he stopped talking to me until September 4. So we went from Grateful Emails and trying to see me to nothing.  He had to gain control of the situation and to the discarding so he can tell everyone he stopped contact. But I learned in December, and he confirmed via texts that he had my computer on his account which gave him the ability to track me.  He’s a monster.  A horrible horrible human being and karma is catching up to him.  Forgot to mention he made his blog public in October to bait me.  He’s sick.  Not normal.  A cold hearted bastard.

By the way, I’m not borderline.  I was being sarcastic because his ignorant LPC diagnosed me without ever meeting me and after only one or two sessions with him. Never taking into consideration there are two sides to every story and that he caused a concussion when he attacked me.  That gave him the free pass to be even more abusive and began to use sex to control.  More on that later…he’s a sick puppy, a really sick puppy.

Vesta <> Wed, Aug 30, 2017 at 8:01 PM
To: Vincent <>, Joanna <>,
are you keeping in touch with *&^^% and therapist to see what a borderline does and how long this rage will last.  I think it’s suppose to go on until the borderline looses interest which is kinda hard for me since I am reminded of you and your filth every single day.  It’s 7:45 and I’m in bed too tired to play with my kids ass wipe.  I started getting tired at 6.  My kids playing or being loud now bothers me and now to have learned I have inner ear problems…I don’t know vince. You know maybe I will be sitting around unable to drive in 5 years and then decide I want to talk to ******.  I’m a borderline you know.  or maybe someone else I told your dirty little secrets to will let him know what an ass you were.  or maybe when **** ************* because I’ll be dead and there wont be a thing you can do to me.  how does it feel not to give a damn about someone’s life Vince.  Go to court.  Do whatever you think will help because I am dying ….as in dying to play your tapes for a judge ********.  So, thank ********for me for helping me show the lengths you and she will go to to shut me up.  Yeah, people who lie Vince are too busy lying to think about all of the issues that will arise from the lies.  How does it feel to be treated as if your life doesn’t matter.  How does it feel to be so close to having your cover blown.  Ha Vince.  Did you think treating me the way you have was okay?  You think treating me as if my life was meaningless was okay.  You think physically attacking me was okay and then lying about it was okay?  You are not a nice person.  You are a monster.  You are a controlling monster so you want to torment me, I’ll give it right back to you.  It’s really not okay to have lied to me about all of the things you lied about or treat me as if I didn’t exist for as long as you did and then to physically assault me and play it off as if you were provoked.  No ass hole, you chose it.  You chose to do what you did and because of the choice you made I have to deal with the consequences as do my kids.  You think it’s fun to play with my life because you are so much better….I’m sorry I struck a nerve today about exposing your lie ******.  I guess you are kinda trying hard to be good so having her learn you are a liar scared you.  Kinda like what you did to me.  You used me to feel better about your failures in your marriage and then when you were done and got the affirmation that you aren’t’ so bad…well you didn’t give a crap and by that time I had feelings and too confused by the gaslighting so I stAYED.  I found ******* so I think I’m going to call her and ask her if you physically assaulted her and whether you were emotionally abusive.  Your ****** said you were emotionally abusive and punished her as any ********** does.  She said you made fun of her ass but hey it’s not okay if I do it…right.  You made fun of it once and now you like to crawl up the shit canal and swim in it to make up for letting her down.  I hate you.  Have I said that to you in the last 10 minutes.  I really hate you.  So, hope you are enjoying a taste of your own medicine.  You are a monster who couldn’t give a damn about ******** and I know that and I still stayed.  I put *********-I hate myself for that.  Fuck you.

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