That’s not your neck, it’s your shoulder. I didn’t cause all those bruises…you could have bumped into things. The Sky is purple and John F Kennedy is president.

I wrote this over one year ago when I was still seeing him after what he did to me.  Good news is, I no longer have any type of feelings for him other than that I continue to fear him given his bizarre behavior.

My ex-boyfriend, Vince, the good looking, charming, soft spoken man who I find I still have feelings for because I am crazy, did this to me.  I am posting these more for my own sanity than any other reason.  Being with him took a toll on my mental health.  He gaslighted me each time he lied or needed to get his way.  I am ashamed to admit it but he did it again to me yesterday. Yep, I saw him and one of his lies came out and it was as if nothing had changed.  He first yelled at me when I tried to talk.  He then threw his back pack on his chair and stopped talking to me.  It was here that I actually got scared.



6 thoughts on “That’s not your neck, it’s your shoulder. I didn’t cause all those bruises…you could have bumped into things. The Sky is purple and John F Kennedy is president.”

    1. Thank you for reminding me. Each time I have tried to cut contact he reaches out with some BS card or email and it sends me into a whirlwind. I start with hating him, wanting him, hating myself, then getting so tired I can’t think anymore. I truly believe he’s trying to get me to commit suicide. He has no remorse. NONE. Full of anger. I so appreciate your support. You are the angel I needed tonight to remind me he’s sick. He is really really sick.


      1. He is SICK! You are right to think that he is probably trying to send you off the deep end…don’t let evil win! I can barely see these kinds of abusers as human…they are just pure, spirited evil. They can’t change…and wouldn’t if they could.
        I don’t remember how I found your blog, but I am glad I did. I used blogging for healing much in the way you do…it really helps.


      2. Thank you so much for reaching out and reminding me to blog. I can not find a support group in my area. It’s maddening so I feel very alone – You have no idea how you have saved me tonight. I mean that…thank you thank you thank you.

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      3. You are not alone…it can be hard to find support groups if you don’t have a domestic violence center. Churches tend to keep quiet about them (especially where I am- in the South). I look forward to reading your journey.💕


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