Healing Stages, My Story

That’s not your neck, it’s your shoulder. I didn’t cause all those bruises…you could have bumped into things. The Sky is purple and John F Kennedy is president.

I wrote this over one year ago when I was still seeing him after what he did to me.  Good news is, I no longer have any type of feelings for him other than that I continue to fear him given his bizarre behavior.

My ex-boyfriend, Vince, the good looking, charming, soft spoken man who I find I still have feelings for because I am crazy, did this to me.  I am posting these more for my own sanity than any other reason.  Being with him took a toll on my mental health.  He gaslighted me each time he lied or needed to get his way.  I am ashamed to admit it but he did it again to me yesterday. Yep, I saw him and one of his lies came out and it was as if nothing had changed.  He first yelled at me when I tried to talk.  He then threw his back pack on his chair and stopped talking to me.  It was here that I actually got scared.


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