Case Dismissed!

Case was dismissed. He didn’t show up – He scares me.  Really really scares me.


5 thoughts on “Case Dismissed!”

  1. Well, since he chose this route, the entire city council, mayor, city attorney, majority of captains, deputy chiefs and chief of police in the city of Alexandria knows what is happening. They have every piece of document as to what’s behind this vengeance. I tried to tell him when I was still communicating with him that the path he had chosen in how he was treating me was cruel. His insatiable ego was fed by a therapist he chose who was in her early 30’s, was an LPC and they are the least educated amongst therapists. I caught him downloading her picture and knew he was attracted to her. His excuse was he wanted it to add to her contact profile except he never bothered downloading his dentist’s picture or internist or surgeon. She bought into his story and diagnosed me as borderline and began to tell him how to treat me. I tried to tell him I had PTSD and what he was doing was hurting me more but he wouldn’t listen. His ego wouldn’t allow for him to look inward and her feeding him the way she did gave him a free pass. I hung on thinking he would get it but he was intent on training me and forcing his truth down my throat until I said enough. The more this goes on the more I accept him for who he is and that he’s just not capable of living life and feeling emotions. He was traumatized so bad by his mother it cost him his ability to feel. I don’t hate him anymore. I am starting to feel indifferent.


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