He almost killed me

I am "lucky to be walking and talking" are words my neurologist said to me today.  Words I am still wrapping my head around.  Facts are backed by medical professionals and not what my abuser says, is that the blow to my head from having been slammed into the wall so hard could have left... Continue Reading →

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“He’s declaring his love for me, despite being with someone else, insisting he won’t stop loving me even after he’s dead. Blah blah blah…

You nailed it again Kristen!  Thank you... “Not My Boyfriend” Syndrome: The Narcissist’s Best Weapon is Our Own Denial via Fairytaleshadows.com - Kristen Milstead I am unsure if I can adequately put this piece of my story into words. Everyone who has been through a relationship like this one understands how you can really only... Continue Reading →

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