Old Chats & Links to emails from the Unhinged!

11:39 PM DANGER: Thanks. I had a nice evening with the boys and have them here with me tonight.
11:40 PM me: that’s great!
11:41 PM DANGER: While I don’t want to shuttle them back and forth all the time I realized I don’t need to always deal with the claustrophobic feeling of being there and just bring them here when I want.
11:42 PM me: is it being in the house that makes you feel that way…the memories or the interaction with chris
11:43 PM DANGER: I thinks its a combination of not being in a place I feel completely welcome (that’s my hang up) and interaction with Chris (which is mutual).
11:44 PM We were only there for about 3 months before I moved out so not really any memories there.
 me: I know how you feel Vince.
11:45 PM DANGER: It’s really nice to be able to share with you. I don’t really have many people I can (want to) talk to about this and you have been great. Thanks.,
11:47 PM Just tell me to zip it though when you would rather not.
 me: I will. You do the same with me.
  You have never talked too much about this
  I think we many things to talk about
11:48 PM but this is also part of our lives so it’s important to share
11:49 PM DANGER: Thanks.
 me: I guess I’d be worried if it’s ALL we talked about, but it’s not 🙂
 DANGER: Right
 me: I worry I don’t share enough and I don’t want you to take that personally.
11:51 PM DANGER: I don’t take it personally. Share what you feel comfortable with. I am here for you too.
11:52 PM me: I’m getting there…thank you.
 DANGER: Supposed to be 82 Friday.
 me: WOW!
  I managed to go to the gym and get on the stair master
  had to do something
11:53 PM DANGER: I did 45 minutes on the eliptical and tried to rest the leg a bit, at least didn’t ru n
11:54 PM me: I used your camera today
11:55 PM DANGER: I forgot to tell you how to get the pictures off the camera. You can pull the card out and insert it into a card reader if you have one somewhere.
 me: i figured it out
Bank Fraud?  Ya think.  Just remember my delivery isn’t as great as yours but the message is there 100%.  I think I have every reason to worry about my safety along with my children’s given you have no regard for my kids or me.  Just stay away from us.  Got it.  Your ex is the violent one. You have a drinking problem and you will not find one psychiatrist or psychologist who will agree with your handling of the situation and remember you made it front and center by including it in the order you didn’t feel I deserved consideration on.  All this is on you!  Want it to not be a topic then apologize and remove me from order.
DANGER: Ya, I feel terrible. Part of this too is that I need to get our finances separated before I feel comfortable with trips like this. Hope that can happen in July.
11:36 PM that’s not an excuse for letting it get to the last minute but it is an excuse for not just making it happen regardless of costs.
11:40 PM Hope you don’t hold that against me too much. I know this blew a weekend you were looking forward to…I was looking forward to.
11:41 PM me: I’m not sure I understand what you mean by not feeling comfortable. Do you still share an account? We can talk in person if it’s easier.
  No, why would I hold anything against you.
  Come on…
DANGER: We still share an account, yes.
11:42 PM We basically have the agreement worked out and now that the house is purchased we should be able to separate the accounts ad begin to operate independantly.
11:43 PM Could not really do that before the close since all money needed to be available and visible to her and becuase we had not worked out the support.
11:45 PM Have all that now and I will not have a rent payment for the townhouse next month so I think everything, or enough is agreed to in order to make the changes to the accounts. this week even.

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