Dear Carzy ex and crazy ex’s wife –

Let’s do a little fact checking which you may want to engage in since you seem to be dangerously delusional.

I’m thrilled you contacted my psychologist because now she sees for herself how crazy and delusional you are.  I’m also thrilled to have your alternative facts in written form.

Onward with the facts.  Let us start by my understanding of your issue – You are upset because I contacted authorities in IL and VA?  You are upset because I sent all of YOUR AND VINCE’S emails to every authority in Alexandria and McLean because Vince chose to file a false police report, and then used it to get the magistrate to file a complaint for making annoying phone calls –   Do I understand correctly?  Well I’m sorry –  Must’ve missed the memo designating you the center of the universe.

I hate to break it to you but the only problem with your story is that I’m not stalking you nor have I ever threatened to physically harm you.  You like to throw the word threat around because it makes you feel victimized.  So, let’s be really clear on those facts. All I have ever said is that I will use every possible legal option I have to undo the lies you have told about me.  Crazy ex wife files a motion filled with lies so now I have a right to file a third party motion and tell my side.  Why? Because truth matters. Remember Vince saying “so what” to you having lied in court documents.  Well, judges don’t like that attitude.  You are not above the law Christine – I know you like to think so and you got the his family by the balls because you hold the kids hostage but I don’t follow directions from you.   I have been up front when I asked several times that you leave me out of it, but the joy of kicking me when I was down is like heroin to an addict.  Well, not just me.  You enjoy kicking people when they are down – makes you feel important – Take a look at your emails and texts when you created the drama that you did September 2016.  Take a look at your actions with Chuck and Lee forcing them to choose.  Take a look at your actions with your own kids and how you made it clear you were not happy with Vince dating and you made it clear the boys were going to have issues if they formed a relationship with me, and the younger one did and that scared you because I validated his feelings… you know the rest and what you didn’t do. I experienced your gaslighting first hand when you went after my 6 year old son and didn’t once say you were sorry for your 14 year old purposely throwing a ball directly at his eye.  Just because you say he’s empathetic doesn’t mean he is.  He’s exactly like you and Vince.  Exactly!

You are dangerous.  You lying in court is your own doing – It is you, and only you who has opened the door for my filing suit against you for having accused me of lying about such an abhorrent incident when all of the facts will prove that it is you who lied and are now trying to cover up.  There’s such a simple solution to all of this, but you refuse to take action because your lies will come out and you know those involved will be livid.

So, as long as you continue to use the courts and police department to harass me you can bet I’m going to go back to the beginning of the story which is at the heart of your continuous assassination attempts.  You have created a vicious circle because you are a bully and need to have everyone obey I don’t operate that way and I owe you nothing.  I am fearful of you and Vince but I am going to be damned if I’m going to let you or Vince humiliate me more than you already have.  Truth matters.

For the millionth time accept that you brought me into this.  You had my daughter’s father tell you he was involved in the entire process of our daughter choosing where to go.  She was signed up in early January so perhaps it is you that created the drama by signing up your son. Your crazy ex after all had access to my computer and was capable of tracking me, so perhaps it’s the two of you orchestrating drama.

Beginning in February I asked that you engage in an adult conversation where we would addressed the problem in private.  AssWipe chose to yell and threaten despite my saying I was going to contact the entity directly. And so I did.  I filed a police report in McLean the morning of the 5th and copied you on the email to the entity.  Three days later Ass wipe chose to lie to the police. So, what part of your brain is missing the link to my now having the right to discuss what led to this madness.  AssWipe brought it up to the cop and didn’t say I was lying.  Only shared what he “felt.” So, put your big girl panties on, and the poor victim me crap aside and deal with facts.

I have been patient in not going to court and dealing with the order filed.  However, that’s next on my list and it’s on you if the judge orders an investigation because you are lying and it’s obvious to everyone who is a professional.  I will have subpoena power and will happily use it to bring everyone who you claim was involved, in to show you are lying, including Dr. E.  That’s what you are really afraid of.  I’m not lying.  So stop deflecting and address what you two have done.  It is my right to take on the city of Alexandria for their handling of this issue and it is my right to share with them your emails so they can draw their own conclusion as did the detective in Naperville.  You and your pathetic family are not worth my going to jail for because had I lied to her I would have been filing a false report, and I didn’t.  She knew I didn’t because she read all the emails so she made a file just in case there’s ever a complaint.

The only way this is going to die down is that you do the right thing, change the order and make sure it includes actual facts that include your ex having hurt me so bad, he damaged my right vestibular nerve along with other horrific injuries.  Once you do that, the two of us can come up with a mutual release because I really don’t want to have anything to do with you.  You disgust me as a human being and as a mother.  You are despicable.

If you want to continue this BS of me being obsessed with you, let’s take a look at asswipe’s blog, Spotify list, text from December 4, 2017 and as recently as three weeks ago showing up at places I go to.

Yes, I’ve written tons of emails because I keep hoping you do the right thing so we can avoid court but your damn ego doesn’t let you act rationally.  Oh, the judge did not almost make me pay for ass wipes lawyer bill.  He specifically said he wasn’t going to do anything to punish me. Want the transcript? He believed he hurt me but didn’t believe I was scared.  A judge believed he hurt me based on the evidence idiot.  The judge didn’t like Vince having lied about what he did to me.  You see I played the tapes of him admitting what he did.  I showed the texts.  Are you going to choose to be an idiot or are you going to choose to look at facts.

I want nothing to do with you but you have chosen to insert yourself in my life from day one.  Get out of my life Christine.  Get the hell out of my life and clean up the mess you made.  You made horrible allegations about me and filed a motion in the court of law that is filled with lies. That’s perjury so you want to drag this on because you believe you only shit roses then go on.  I may not write as well as you but there’s truth in what I’m saying so no amount of deflection is going to take that away.

I have been honest with you as to what I will do next.  Given you and asswipe are trying to use the Police department and courts to harm me, I have reached out to reporters because that’s how I see justice being served.  When the press is watching, especially in this climate where women are treated like crap and white male privilege allows people like your asswipe to hurt me as he has and get away with it, then it’s my guarantee injustice doesn’t happen.  I have given Kathleen’s name to the police as well.  Matter of fact, copied her on one of the emails.  Given my financial situation that o have to spend all of what I have on medical costs I am seriously considering starting a gofundmepage or contacting a non profit who helps women like me.  Once I do that the entire world will know what you and your ex did to me.  Of course I would not mention kids but I will have to devolve what Asswipe did and will happily produce my doctor notes and a copy of his weird and stalking like action so I can fight you and he.  The two of you started this by trying to bully and intimidate me.  You have not shown an ounce of decency.

My anxiety level is high so think about my offer and have your attorney contact me.  If I don’t hear from you, I will move to address the order.  I’m tired of the drama you continue to create.

You and he should stop lying especially to the police.  It’s never good to be doing what you are doing because at the end of the line judges will want proof and that’s why subpoena’s exist.  Your ex used his work computer to stalk me.  He made allegations that involve his phone to file fake report.  He has ruined my name with mutual friends and ruining chances of future employment.  The more the two of you lie, the worse it will get for you.  So grow up and deal with what you have done on an adult way.  I stay alive by talking and telling my story.  You can’t stop me from talking to any reporters.  I want a record of everything to be in someone else’s hand in case you and Vince decide to harm me.  Given what I’ve been put through, I wouldn’t put it past you.




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