Didn’t you know, crazy ex shits roses.

i LOVE how this lunatic is telling MY psychologist how to address me with her in private, and asking not to show me her email.  Can you say Borderline with a little narcissism in there?  These people really believe they shit roses. My God!  Scary.

When I use to care I would want to address her pathetic email that makes her the victim and me the villain, but I’ve learned that it’s a no win argument trying to have a conversation with those who view themselves as victims in every situation. Vince use to tell me that all the time about her – actually, they are both like that.  Victims.  It’s everyone else’s fault.  They shit roses after all so that makes them special.

It’s always interesting to see what accusations she throws around.  The first time I met her she was crying about Vince losing weight after they seperated and asking why.  I told her it was because he was able to eat foods he liked, like fish.  Next thing I know she’s telling the entire world I told her she didn’t know how to cook.  That’s how nutty this unhinged woman is and to think she helps formulate education plans for children.  It’s truly frightening. Anyway, this time she accuses me of lying and taking things out of context when it’s really her mantra, and if anyone is obsessed with anyone, it is she who is and has been obsessed with me from day one.  Always calling, texting, needing things, demanding Vince keep his social life away from her and her kids. Making the kids choose.  Making his family choose.  Trying to be the center of attention all the time.  She just can’t let him go so I hope she is taking this opportunity to win him back.  She can save him from evil me and he will buy her something really big to make her feel special.  Please get back together and keep your dangerous fuck away from other women so he doesn’t do what he did to me.  She never got over the divorce and has major daddy issues, always looking for a man to save her.  Her own emails tell the story of the nightmare I lived through because of all the crap she pulled when her ex and I were together.

She doesn’t have the balls to call me because I am standing up to her and calling her on her lies.  She doesn’t have the balls to call and say these stupid things to me because I will bombard her with facts and her lies will be exposed.  Anyone looking at the situation wonders why she refuses to resolve this, because she can.  It will take all of 30 seconds to have Dr. E talk to a neutral Psychologist who will inform her of the emails sent back and forth by her and Vince to see if the doctors involved knew the gory details or were they lied to by her, hence chose a different type of therapy which makes any therapist cringe when they hear about it.  But hey, as long as she can be the great mom that she thinks she is…it’s all that matters.  She will someday be forced to deal with the lies she has told because the illusion she and Vince have created for themselves is as real as she shitting Roses.

She keeps telling people I am unstable – No Christine, you are unstable.  You are UNHINGED! I have PTSD because your Vinny boy threw me against the wall and destroyed my right vestibular nerve.  I have cognitive deficits because he slammed my head so hard. That’s reality. The lies he told you about what happened in court is laughable.  It’s even more funny that you still believe the shit that comes out of his mouth.  He knows how to work you and you fall for it every time like the little girl who needs her daddy to save her – And then you repeat the lies –  So here it is one more time, if you send me a check I can send you a copy of the transcript, the judge didn’t believe I was scared of him therefore did not grant the restraining order, but he believed Vince hurt me.  That’s why I didn’t have to pay anything.  The judge was very clear that he wasn’t going to make me pay for punitive reasons – I offered my doctor’s notes that showed I have 9 and now 10 doctor’s appointments per week.  I wish you would have been there to see Vinny turn red after I finished playing his confession on tape admitting he threw me against the wall in a violent manner, right after his sleazy lawyer got done telling the judge Vince was “restraining me,” but hey what do facts have ever had anything to do with your reality.  AFter all you shit roses-even Vinny agrees.

And for the record, I don’t have a violent streak in me. It’s your ex that caused the permanent damages, but hey maybe a judge can explain that to you when I go after you in court for the bogus motion you filed.  Is that why you are trying so hard to discredit me.

Yes, I contacted two reporters because it is my way of protecting myself.  When your ex files a false police report and ignores telling the cop what the point of the conversation was…Do you really expect me to cover for him?  NO.  You guys made your kids front and center so own it.  You did when you chose to insert yourself where you didn’t need to.  You did it again when you didn’t respond to my early February email asking we come to some sort of understanding if both kids were going to be there at the same time.  You ignored it, and I was an idiot for following up.  After your ex yelled and threatened me I did exactly what I told both of you I was going to do.  I contacted the camp, and sent all of the emails from you and him.  They didn’t just go on my word.  Neither did the Naperville Police.  Oh no…Mark isn’t what they are concerned about.  No no…they are concerned because there was never any treatment and everyone is pretending nothing happened. I didn’t say a damn thing – Just sent your emails which I bet you have forgotten about since you are such a liar, and you see, liars can never remember their last lie.  The email from Vince is pretty disturbing, especially since he wrote it to answer you directly after you accused me of lying. Camp, the Detective in Naperville, Sergeant Alvarez in Alexandria, all find Vince’s email disturbing.  You and Vince think the more you attack and kick me, the more you try and hurt me by causing bogus legal troubles, I’ll just go away?  No.  I will fight you back because I know the facts to be true and because you and he are such liars, you are counting on deflecting to get the attention off the main subject, but now we have a court looking at things and I have the right to subpoena.  You don’t think I’m going to try and prove the motive behind it?  The entire conversation was about the summer.  You really think the matter is not relevant?  Are you just stupid? Perhaps you’ve been smelling the roses that come out of your ass a bit too long.

Christine, you don’t get to shit on me and expect for me to take it – No, that’s Vince, Lee, Chuck, your brother, your mother and your kids.  My world does not revolve around you.  You can’t hold the boys hostage.  So learn to be nice and behave and maybe I’ll see if you deserve my consideration.  Remember telling Vince that?  Right back at you.  You are unhinged so if anyone is going to hurt anyone it is going to be you because all you care about is your facade, and I am not obeying you and what you need that facade to be therefore I am a threat to you and you will go to any length to destroy the threat.  That’s how you are.  You are dangerous because to you it’s all about your public thinking you are so perfect.  Any therapist or forensic expert who reads your email or knows how you handled the Iowa situation will see right through the nut bag that you are because no one in their right mind would have put their own facade over the health of…

This will be over when you decide to be honest and address our issues like a human being.  Have your attorney call me – Do you really want me to file a third party motion? Do you really want me to file a suit for defamation, slander for falsely accusing me of having lied on a court motion about such a delicate subject.  Do you know it can be criminal? It’s in your email Christine.  You put it in – so get off your high horse and lets deal with this amicably like you should have a year ago. Have your attorney contact me and maybe we can come up with a confidentiality agreement. I’m not interested in a legal battle and I have been consistent in making that clear, which is why I asked you do the right thing for months, but you like to kick me and hurt me.  You get off on it.  Even Vince said that about you.  He said you were mean and liked being cruel to people.  He only forgot to mention he’s just like you, if not worse.  You guys should really get back together. Really. Please.

I don’t like liars and I don’t like people who defame me, and I will use the courts and everything legal to fight you – I will not give up on the truth because truth matters.  I will never give up on the truth and you and Vince are doing me a favor by pushing this to court because once it’s in court, we actually have to show proof.  It won’t be your word against my word.  It will be based on proof. Subpoenas will get me the proof I need to show what a lying scumbag you both are.  You chose this path so I suggest you come up with a new plan.  One where you act human and stop the bullying  – that way you don’t have to worry about whatever it is that you worry about.   As far as my legal issues with Vince.  Those issues will be dealt with upon completion of my treatment.  This is between me and you.  Got it?

Lastly, I tried to let you know I don’t lie to my therapist but since you project your world view and how you operate you decided to contact my psychologist anyway hoping to “tell” on me.  Please keep on emailing her.  It’s great for you all to show how crazy you are in person – It’s great to have everything in writing 🙂  And please cut the shit and stop flattering yourself into believing I would ever hurt you or your kids.  I never even wanted to be around the boys alone when I was with your ex for fear you would accuse me of whatever that you felt like accusing me of.  Again, are you projecting here?  Is this your way of telling me you are thinking about hurting me?

Get yourself some real help Christine.  A good psychologist who deals with personality disorders.  Maybe in your next email to Joanna you can ask her for a recommendation.  And think about getting back together with Vince.  You will never find anyone else that can play you and feed the hungry part of you that needs daddy to save her.  He told me he gets you by engaging you in conversation about work and how driven you are.  He knows how to massage your ego –  He loves sitting in the bathroom to smell the roses that come out of your ass – That’s how much he loves you so please oh please…get back together.  It will be great!!!

“Of course I fear this email will end up on her blog – taken out of context and lied about. I would expect you to share the nature of this email with her if you feel appropriate, but I would ask that you not forward this email to her. It is clear that Vesta is seriously disturbed and obviously suffering in her own right. I fear that this situation will escalate and her paranoia will increase and that she may pose a physical threat to myself or my children.

I am open to a conversation or addressing any questions you may have. I am hopeful that you are able to influence Vesta to focus on her own healing process and stop being fixated on damaging my children and myself.

Thank you,


From: Linda  <lhe@gmail.com>
Date: November 13, 2017 at 1:01:43 PM EST
To: Vesta <vestgmail.com>
Subject: Re: Fwd: Help with court

I hope I can trust you to not pass this and future communication on to anyone else.

I also haveope your physical and psychological pains are healing.

Please send me any and all information I can use in court….someone does not seem to remember what a tough cookie her mother is…..she has decided that “the boys” are better off without me this Christmàs.

Big hug.from me to your kiddies.



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