What I will do different this time

The last time we had to deal with the courts, I allowed for Vince to manipulate me.  He was able to get me to drop the no contact portion of his pathetic plea agreement that did not fit the crime.  Had I been smarter and not allowed for him to fool me he would have been charged with a felony and in jail.  His reason for retaliating and filing a false police report is because I stood up to him.  I foolishly contacted him because I wanted to discuss the possibility of our kids being at the same camp.  I tried to voice my concern and come up with something so that we could avoid the issue.  He yelled, and then threatened me, but this time I didn’t allow myself to feel threatened so I followed through with what I said I was going to do and emailed the camp with my concerns. Next thing I know I am getting a phone call from the Alexandria Police accusing me of making annoying phone calls.

From the conversation with the officer, it was obvious Vince was trying to have me charged with stalking charges insinuating that I orchestrated our kids going to the same camp.  However, the overwhelming number of emails and texts showing how my daughter chose what she chose, in addition to her father making it clear to his ex wife when she tried to make the same allegations that he was present during the entire process, killed that hope.

Vince knows I am triggered and he’s hoping I react as I have in the past, which is to contact him but that is never going to happen again especially after threatened me last time.  The man admits to having my computer on his microsoft account which he accesses with work computers.  He is an IT/technology expert with a degree in computer science and wants to say he had no idea he was able to track me – Tell it to the judge ass hole!  Below is the exchange that took place December 4, 2017, and what I am referring to.

If that’s not alarming on its own, I learn he is now frequenting places he knows I go to.  Places he has never gone to by himself the entire time we were together nor had he ever been before.  He showed up, stayed 4-5 hours and striked a conversation with a man who works there but who also happens to be and has been my friend for the last 8 years, and shares with him his travel plans to Vegas for this week.  WHY?  Why would any sane person who tells people I’m unhealthy, unstable, still in love with him and chasing him be tracking me on his accounts, have a blog for me, a spotify playlist, and now showing up and talking to people he knows I have relationships with telling them where he’s going. Wouldn’t you want to stay safe and not let me know of your plans?  I don’t know what he’s thinking. Actually, I don’t believe he’s sane or normal or stable – He’s behavior is simply alarming.

Once the authorities actually look at all the facts versus taking his word, once the authorities actually listen to the messages I left and after he’s forced to talk about why I called in the first place, I am hopeful he will be charged with filing a false police report.  He has tried hard to muzzell but his actions have now forced everything he is trying to hide be part of the public public record  –  The man is pure evil.



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